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Sunday, March 20, 2016

surfacing on Pinky blog

Yeah, I know, I said this wouldn't turn into a minecraft blog. Some of these are older, so I'm just saving them here. Easy to load to youtube while I'm cleaning house and cooking. I love this shot, lurking in the blue. Pretty sure I'll wind up with a breathing enchantment and going down into the ocean one of these days. By the way, we're wiped out, gonna miss the TWD live tweet again tonight. It's not even 3pm and we're counting down to bedtime. x_x

The first five vids are from MoCreatures.

These are the pool pets we got after the sand was all cleared out from the sand manufacturing facility. Sometimes I catch myself holding my breath when I go under the water.

These cows are mooshrooms. You can get either milk or mushroom stew out of them, but if you shear them to harvest the mushroom on their heads, they turn back into regular cows. The way they sniff and the noise they make is exactly like real cows.

This is always my favorite part, following Kai around. That is the cutest little avatar I've ever seen.

We swam to the tundra one day.

Slight lag issues. This is the plundered village we're salvaging with the 'Dyson sphere' of dirt and a roof of leaves. This involved reconnaissance, planning and strategy, and execution of a number of projects. As usual, Kai was the genius and ringleader, and it was awesome.

This is in the singleplayer mesa world, a sweet change from regular minecraft. I'm thinking about building an adobe house out of crafted sandstone and spawning a herd of mustangs. Maybe I'll put a Mexican cantina somewhere, and a saloon somewhere else. I'm sure I'll be popping on and off the mesa all year.

Wherever I am in minecraft, I pause and watch sunrises and sunsets if I'm where I can see them. I get the same feeling seeing them on minecraft that I do irl.

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