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Thursday, March 3, 2016

minecraft- spy games

How about a power point today? There's so much going on that I need to keep notes on somewhere, and really not in the mood.

 photo sigh.gif When you upgrade photobucket, don't forget to turn your old recurring payment off. Had to hunt down a help access over the auto reset back to the old plan after I'd just upgraded. It was all fixed within 24 hours, though, very efficient.

 photo dead.jpg Sitting way too much already this month. Lots of appointments, ergo lots of driving and waiting rooms. Also sitting through arm therapy. Fixed up a standing work station for old lappy, Jawn will very soon be moving, as well, and I'll be getting all over lower core this month to once again stop the numbness and tingling down my legs that will undoubtedly evolve into nasty pain spikes and the heating pad if I don't get on this. Waiting rooms would be more awesome if they'd replace televisions and a few of the chairs with gizmos we could do workouts on while we wait. Or a dance area. With a disco ball and everything.

 photo tired.gif Yesterday's dx was cervical spondylosis. I can't tell that much has really changed on the scan, if anything there's been so much improvement over the last couple of years, but they could have dx'd this years ago if a scan is what they're going by. The last neurologist I saw before this one a decade ago completely dismissed an obviously herniated disc, but after 4 years of physical therapy we'll just call it your common every day garden variety arthritis. I've lived with this neck injury since I was 19. But it's hardly their fault when my dad was the one who pulled me out of the ER and took me home before I could get any x-rays or even advice on how to handle internal bleeding and stuff, or pain shock. I'm sure I'd have gotten some outstanding scans back then. I was finally validated the other day when medically certified person totally drop jawed staring at me asking how in the world I didn't die when I was ejected like that. I would have loved to hear just once my dad saying "I'm glad you didn't die" or "Are you ok?" or any other word of acknowledgement about my existence. He's not a bad man, but so sooooo super aspie. That emotional disconnect was more severe than Spock and his dad. Wah, poor Spock, his daddy didn't mind meld with him... I'll show script writers some real Vulcan pragmatism.

 photo angryfire.gif Okay, looks like today's gonna be a pissy day. Let's get back on track. Power point. Not wordy words. Especially with my hands hurting like this. Did I mention my hands hurting yet? No? Good, this can be another power point, then.

 photo crazy.gif @bonenado dragged me through a Rathbone version of Sherlock Holmes last night. I can't even. I need drastic measures after that one. Hang on. Ok, here, because the most boring scene in Sherlock far outpaces the most brilliant scenes in ANY OTHER Sherlock Holmes EVER. Oh, NSFW bcuz language, sorry.

 photo goth.jpg Yes, that's working brilliantly, already less inclined to violence. Plus I have coffee in me now. Here, have another one, on the house.

 photo pink-heart-teensy.png Ok, where were we? Ah, yes, power point. Totally went there with psyche guy yesterday. The whole transition thing, the rescue measures involving several friends pulling me away from twitter, because I'm still public huzzah and not disappearing yay and being properly defused by genuine people who get me thank god. Because that's really what it takes. Aspienado can't do this alone, I do need a team to help me, and I especially appreciate one vital sleeve tugger and new direction push who likes remaining anonymous. Kai says she sounds like a wonderful friend. Yes, she is. I owe her so much for initiating the move I had to make for this transition to happen. Anyway, I've got psyche guy scheduled every 2 weeks now this spring, and I promised him we'll finally get into my sex life. I've only been seeing him for 8 years now, lol. I'm sure the Lexx fandom is as curious as he is what in the world actually goes on in my head sometimes regarding sexuality, because so much is mizundastood about 'pangender asexual'. This has affected so many relationships throughout my life without other people understanding how or why, and I guess it's about time I spill to someone. THIS is how I survived the underground without getting sucked in and killed, guys. But enuf 4 now.

 photo glasses.gif Experienced my first lava death in a mine yesterday. I'm also no longer a redstone and diamond blocks virgin. One of my crew loves going into the netherworld to bring back awesome stuff to use and sell, took this screencap. I grabbed it to use in my rotating wallpapers. One of these days I'll go in there and ride a fire horse, too, but for now I'm just spying on neighboring towns and beachcombing and scouting out the tundra and stuff. This clicks out to full size if you need a cool wallpaper to dazzle your coworkers, or at least fake them out.

 photo pirate.jpg I can tell other people have been coming through our territory, so we used our town status to claim the beach house as an outpost in case anyone starts ripping off our stuff. In the meantime, I'm all over reconnaissance, because as quickly as some of this stuff is going up, our part of the world will soon be all city, and next thing you know, our beach house will be like Jersey Shore or something. All these are spy pix, and they're from two different building groups.

The first thing that caught my eye was that dragon/dino thing right in the middle of this pic. Coooool.

It's a pet, so it didn't attack me. It would be awesomely cool if we could code pets like this to defend our town borders.

And I guess some pets just can't be stopped from being their jackassy selves, lol. Kai's cat hisses at me and scratches me, too. We had a real donkey when I was in high school, yes, they do bite when they're pissy.

This is me not stealing any of your boats. Lock your chest, guys.

Minecraft twitter... lol.

lol, that reminds me of this yesterday.

Ok, back to me, swimming selfie before I lost my awesome armor in lava yesterday.

 photo 25lovecoffee.gif Time to wrap my brain around getting out my door again in a couple of hours. Ug. Wonder if I could throw a dart at youtube suggestions for inspiration. And here we go. Youtube never fails me.

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