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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

the hunt is on

March is coming in like a lion that fell into a river- very damp and a little miffed at the inconvenience.

My biggest challenge in minecraft this week will be hunting down a squid for an ink sac so I can create a book and quill to write in. They're everywhere in the realm, haven't found one in multiplayer out of five biomes so far. While I was inside moving mountains this last weekend, @bonenado was outside working on his Wall of Scott.

That's a 20+ year project originally intended to become a retaining wall, but has turned into more of an exercise in perfection as it keeps getting torn back down and reassembled, even after it's been cemented in place. He's got awesome thighs, I'm not complaining. That picture represents at least 2 tons of river rocks.

I'm not even going to say 'Mantrid post' any more. You guys will believe it when you actually see it, right? I know, I suck. It's almost done. Remember I'm working on part 3 (and maybe something else) while I'm at it, so it's still a thing coming.

Fingers. Hurt. More PT today. In the early morning rainy rain. Chilly, cold rain. Must remember to grab gloves.

And broccoli. Wanna make a cheesy chicken/broccoli/rice hotdish. I toss in bacon and cream cheese and onion powder and other yummy stuff.

Patiently waiting for someone to properly smash Oswald Cobblepott all over Sherlock, and I don't mean Moriarty and Fish.

Me irl hunting for squid ink. What could I possibly want to write in a teeny tiny little book in an alt universe?


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