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Monday, February 29, 2016

purely organic engagement

Tell someone I'm going to bed, then go turn on my blog...

Big long week, big long month. March is booked up and banked out, so as long as I keep my arms inside the ride everything will be fine. Oh, nothing, just careening through the scream sports that is life. Did you guys know you can get physical therapy on your fingertips? And that your brain takes fingertip nerves very seriously? No wonder torture scenes on TV are such a big deal, yanking out fingernails and driving nails into fingers and chopping tips of pinkies off and stuff. May spend March wearing heated gloves around my house, like tiny little heating pads for my fingers.

The rest of this is just observation. I've been so distracted that I failed to notice something important 3 months ago. I was casually glancing down the forum page and did one of those face flops all over my keyboard when I saw this number. How in the world did I miss that?

So I dug around on twitter researching the possibility of linking that day and whadayaknow. By the way, this next snip will click to everything I've ever tweeted out with the word 'syfydesigns' in it.

K, guys, just demo'd what tweet linking can do for you if you do it right. And that's not all. This is what you can achieve if you play around crossing hashtag streams in your tweets.

I feel like the Don Pardo of social media engagement strategies.

Oh, yeah, there was this other thing. I sorta tweeted out this thing

and this guy followed me...

Not saying it's connected or meaningful or anything, but you know, since I've only unfollowed about 1200 people over the last month, just kinda shows up in a coincidentally timed way. Because stuff like this just happens all the time, right? It's twitter.

I really do need some sleep, though.

I know, it was probably a #Snarkalecs thing. But a Lexx fan can dream.