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Monday, February 29, 2016

relaxed and groovy bacon

I started this post Saturday the 27th before sunrise. I've been jumping in and out of it all weekend.

One of the bigger changes I've noticed this month is how more relaxed I am around my house. I used to fight with bacon on weekends, trying to turn it so it all stays flat and stuff. You know what? Who cares? I let it curl up and do it's thing, and it all got cooked just the same. I've noticed a lot of my chores have been like that, less drudge and more like quick efficient jaunts in between doing much cooler and funner stuffs, and amazingly, I'm actually getting more done faster. So yeah, chillin with my bacon.

Remember my bridge I was working on? I'm going to show you guys why I love cobblestone fences. This first bit is on the private realm we're constructing, which started out with me getting the hang of stuff in creative mode and lately switching to survival mode because creative actually gets a little boring if you never really have to work for what you use. So this bridge is my first real construction in that realm in true survival mode, and I was definitely thinking survival. First shot here you can see I wanted an elevated bridge above the water, poor chicken fell in and got caught.

Note how the unjumpable cobblestone fences along the ramp offs stop the water flow completely and divert it downward so nothing near the ramps can access the bridge, whether in the water or out. Pretty sure you could make a dam with these things.

Back in the MoCreatures multiplayer. Another really awesome thing about cobblestone fences is they stop creatures from getting to me in my mining cave. I can set up perimeters and move them at will. Check out this badass glaring at me and there's nothing he can do about it.

This is sunset on the beach at the beach house. I'm downstairs in a walkout basement above my mining cave, pausing to look out the window as I run through. I would love to be here in real life. I've never lived anywhere near a real beach.

We've also got this huge rugged house in a flower biome, really gorgeous and very dangerous, keep killing scorpions and spiders and all kinds of other monsters right at our doors. But I love this fireplace. The pink screen was especially for Pinky. I feel loved.

I don't log on as often or as long as my crew, so I come back to surprises. Lookit us stylin in new armor. The checkered stuff is chain mail. Kai's armor is enchanted for fire, I think. Mine is for scorpions. I love going after scorpions. They're huge, like the spiders, only when you kill them a bunch of babies jump off and start attacking.

Us irl, lol.

~later~ Guess what. I got vids. I'm going to size the display up a little, so apologies if they spill over on your phones.

This first one is a run through of at least 3 biomes on the MoCreatures server, and I'm not going to stop and caption, but I'll note a few timestamps for stuff you'll see in the vid just below.
:20 yes, that is a cricket, and it really sounds like a cricket
:48 an unfinished abandoned house that admin allowed us to claim, so I laid fence around it
:58 this is how you easily get over an unjumpable fence without having to stop and open a gate
1:20 I installed all that glass, but it was already framed, nice work
2:03 check out the tigers on our right
2:10 that was a mole
2:12 that's a rat, they bite
2:25 I have minor lag issues with my wireless router, but the columns coming up are real
3:15 this whole area makes me think of the Hobbit and LOTR movies
12:43 that's lag, found out @bonenado was downloading a TV show to watch later
3:58 loving the realism, because I really do feel high up
4:25 checking coordinates, biome is 'Extreme Hills'
4:48 hafta be careful going down, I've died falling
5:46 see story below video lol
6:24 that's an Ent out there in the water
6:31 zombies down there, alive during the day, forest shade sometimes protects from daylight
6:36 our cool lava pit
7:00 that's a constructed waterspout out in the sea
7:30 oopsie, was wondering where sand fell in from while I was mining below
7:50 temp capping the holes so we don't fall in
8:50 coming up on our original landing point when we first came to MoCreatures
8:57 yes, that's another Ent, they walk all over everything
9:21 our snake, Coral Grimes
9:44 I see we've added a 'coffee tree' lol, gonna go get me some beans
10:15 oopsie, Thumper got out
10:54 the glorious java tree
11:15 teleporting to the house in the flower biome, keep mouse away from hover to see the command
11:50 my awesome bedroom
12:00 that's a Sherlock poster on the wall
12:15 my own personal deck, put a grill out there lol
12:23 once saw a naked man in that pond, turned out it had been a werewolf all night
12:35 note- giant scorpions can crawl up houses and perch on deck railings #4realz

Ok, the 5:46 note. That highway bridge was a challenge to build, and as I was widening it, I kept working in the dark thinking nothing would bother me. I didn't expect a giant spider to find the wider bridge so fast and it snuck up behind me and attacked (never mute your game, kids), which pushed me into the water, and it jumped in after me and I'm flailing around and it's still attacking and whadayaknow here comes a stupid floating skeleton and between the two I totally died and LOST ALL MY EQUIPMENT IN THE WATER. Usually you can just /back and go get your stuff, and I was so pissed, I went /back so fast I actually picked up a piece of cobblestone fence before it sank and I furiously whaled on that skeleton with that piece of cobblestone fence over and over and over and over while I was swimming, and as we both scrambled up onto a shore we drifted into, I got the advantaged and finally just beat the crap outa that stupid thing until it gave up its bone and died. Still really pissed about losing all my stuff in the deep water, but I learned just how vicious I could be and have ever since brutally murdered every monster imaginable popping up in front of me, even in groups, with only a stone sword. I'll actually run at skeletons while they're shooting arrows right into me and just savage the hell out of them. I think I've found a safe way to displace my tension...

On to another vid. This is Kai's pet. We've since then found out you can't lead or amulet your own pet on someone else's property, so don't go flying around landing wherever, ok?

I've noticed I'm going through the same light nausea I went through last fall when we first started arm work in physical therapy, pain level kinda overwhelming I guess. Between that and last week being hard in general, I've been very thankful to have problem solving in minecraft to focus on. This is underneath the beach house, digging it all out for room to do other things, and I'm temp tagging walls and floors from rooms above so we don't break through (again). A chicken fell through a couple days ago, and I wasn't going to go chasing it around a cave, so I shot it and ate it. And you saw what happened with those sand holes on the beach that I patched over in that vid.

I wore my hair in a long braid for 3 straight days and when I took it down last night to get a shower (don't judge), it suddenly went all zzzt like super fuzz, like it was storing static or something. So I'm thinking how cool it would be if I could find a way to use the static my braid evidently collects and carries around and point it at people like a scorpion tail and zap 'em. My hair is almost alive this month from all the wind gust stuff (50+ mph yesterday) (and we're not even in March yet), so maybe one day I'll go all Medusa and scare people and stuff. Speaking of scorpions, Kai keeps a pet scorpion around whaaaa. This whole pet thing is gonna kill me... They tell me named pets won't attack, but I'm pretty sure it won't stop Coral Grimes from coming after me.

My monthly twitter impressions have dropped from 123K to 93K since Christmas, but I think that has a lot to do with compulsive tagging problems falling off. Hey, here's some fun twitter math for you- rank=exp(21-1.1*log(#yourfollowers)), but again, I ask, what does it mean? Depends on what else you're looking at, I guess. Numbers alone actually mean very little until we see them in action and context.

But it's all good. I'm in another life now.