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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kaianu, Jawn, and techmeth

So the Mantrid thing, which I knew would turn out kinda big/long, is morphing into a sort of 3 part thing. Jawn is allowing me to get 1220 x 930 size captures that are really load heavy because the quality is so nice, around 2 MB per pic. I'll have to size them down for the blog posts, of course. Photobucket is capping uploads off at 1024 x 780ish, BUT Jawn is able to push the 2 MB thing through to actually get to the capping off point. Old lappy could barely handle loading 1 MB. Anyway, was hoping to host full quality captures for fans to access for film study, because the costuming and sets and CGI are so unique, it really is worth taking a hard look at some of the stills I'm getting.

I have unlimited bandwidth on photobucket (I've paid for my own hosting for years), but they've changed up the storage. I've actually got more now than I originally had because I beta tested for them and got a free year, then got a free month for something else, and during that time they remodeled their payment/storage plan. The old days are laughable, everyone's getting HD quality phone pix now so storage naturally had to evolve big time. Anyway I'm now bottom tier of what originally was the top price plan, have a definite cap on my storage, although I still have plenty of space (for awhile). If I upgrade to handle loading 2 MB pix, especially by the hundred, I may need to step up to next tier and fork out the dough.

So let's test this. This capture is sized to 800 and loaded to blogger. It will click to full size at photobucket (currently in a private folder, but will later go into the public film study folder.) From photobucket, fans can hotlink, download, copy/paste, whatever. Their prerogative. For instance, say you want a Brunnen G tattoo on your face. Here you go, our first hint at Dark Kai, and after you click over you can practically get measurements and specific placement for a quality Brunnen G tattoo mark (assuming you're on a full sized screen and not mobile). I've actually never seen a fan really do this, although I'd do it in a heartbeat if I weren't allergic to everything. Also, you can see the CGI Insect essence starting to smoke up Kai's eyes, swirls in delicately, hinting at things to come, don't see the solid black fill-in until later in the show.

THIS is why the Mantrid post has been taking so long. Tech crash last fall, tech upgrade over holidays, tech learning curve during a stupid chest cold that started exploding into bronchitis, and finally crunching down on the GET TO WORK! FOCUS!!!

In the meantime, ran into a new movie trailer I wanna see now. Is this a John Wick parody thing? I love John Wick.  I mean like if it was scaled down to real life, at our level.

Ok, need some GO music and a little more coffee. I know it's seriously out of season, but dang, I am really in this mood. Hang on, experimenting with the iframe sizing... A lot of these youtubes are preset to tiny little playback sizes. I may start resizing them. Watching tiny stuff on a bigger screen kind of defeats the purpose of a bigger screen. No idea yet whether it'll mess up your own viewing experiences. I'll hafta see if it changes how it comes in on my phone. Ta-ta.