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Friday, February 12, 2016

Pinky World

So this happened.

That's right, Kai started a seed world based on "Pinky", so there you go, already getting spoiled for Valentine's Day.

Went to my chiropractor yesterday. God bless chiropractors. Pic clicks to good chiro story.

I mean, not cured, but definitely way less pressure on that spot in my neck. Since I go 2-3 times a month, I know all this stuff, and still credit this guy for enabling me being able to walk again, much less most of the neck issues and severe prolonged headaches being a distant memory now, but I'm still dealing with a nerve damage issue that goes back 2 decades, still getting that MRI to make sure it's not a new arthritic condition coming on. Also, my blood pressure came back down after the adjustment, which was a basic light traction move. I didn't tell you guys I was rocking 160/100 for 3 days because the pain was so bad (and that's ON blood pressure med). When you go past a 10 on the pain scale, because when you live in so much pain you can actually bypass the whole blacking out, vomiting, or weeping over the pain being so bad, you slide into a weird delirium where time falls away and you don't remember where you are and stuff. Imagine driving like that. Wednesday got pretty interesting. I had to make sure I didn't drive on up to Kansas City. (Imagine me driving like that in the old days bombed out of my mind on pain meds and muscle relaxers. I don't know how I didn't have a million accidents.)

Ok, one more and then I need to GET TO WORK! Time is flying.

Ok, maybe more than one. You want to go down into that Pinky cave, don't you?

We have some excellent karst topography under the house. I get so lost in caves that I decided to create a marker system for this one. The pink square is where you stand to float straight back up to the main ground level entrance.

One more. Kai is a genius. We have a working fridge. This isn't the final shot, probably somewhere in the middle of the experimentation.

I usually have a 6-hour window before I go into brain drain, but I'm going to try really hard to rock out a few Lexx posts this weekend. We'll see what happens.

I ran across a blog post yesterday that's already been pulled back into private, where the discussion included a somewhat dubious but very thoughtful and well written bit of prose on what a soulmate is. Shortcut- anyone in the Merlin or Sherlock fandoms knows exactly what a soulmate is. It's the two sides of one coin thing, and I wish that post were still available because it had such a nice paragraph about how soulmates bring out the best in each other even through the worst of times between them. I personally believe we can have more than one soulmate, that we become networks of soulmates over time and possibly through more lifetimes, and we are all working together to solve a big puzzle of why are we here, what does this mean, and ultimately discovering that our love for each other must be the answer if we are to keep surviving this earth. Anyhoo, after 8 years of wondering every day what was going on with me without her, I think we can pretty much dismiss the whole infatuation thing and call soulmate for what it is. The question has come up. Yes, love, in love, gooey feely stuff, but we all know how asexual super aspie Pinky Robot sees brain sex. My fave view of twitter is it being a polyamorist's dream come true. We can have truly intimate relationships at the touch of our fingers now without having to go through all the motions.

You guys know it's not really Ben, right? RPG in Oddizm