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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I think the woman is Skype singing to Minecraft

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I woke up with a beautiful song in my head that I've never heard before, a woman singing softly to an acoustic guitar.

Glass Houses

Two people in the flames of right or wrong
And the world is not that strong
Two people on the wind of their favorite song
And the music plays along
Two people in the wings their whole life long
Waiting to belong, oh-o
Waiting for so long

I often dream in music and rhyme. I've awakened from fantastic operettas and neato chiller musicals done in full character, costuming, sets, and film. No idea where any of this comes from. It's like I'm watching entertainment from alt worlds or something.

I'd have lost that if I had rolled over and gone back to sleep, so I boinged outa bed at 2:30 a.m. to write it down. I've got years of cool stuff lurking on the darker blogs. I often feel like Terry Pratchett's Hwel who wrote plays for The Dysk. I'd like to collect my scattered dream splats into one place over time on Pinky's Dreams at SyfyDesigns. It'll probably take a couple of years to run into them all as I go over all my old stuff in between doing new stuff.

Yesterday I learned how to download a mod pack and go into multiplayer on minecraft. Nope, no pix, I was fearing for my life since I had to stay in survival mode. My display driver threw a bunch of fits again yesterday, and I'm noticing it only seems to do that when I've got skype open along with other heavy stuff like minecraft, which doesn't bode well for future window toggling between hangouts, twitter, facebook, and whatever else. May be running Jawn back in for a checkup if this gets any worse. He's a top of the line gaming pro lappy, so this shouldn't be happening. I was kinda wondering if it's a bossy microsoft issue, but windows 10 seems to fully support minecraft interface, so I have no idea why pulling skype up starts trubbas. Really annoying when I'm trying to fight or run away and finding myself killed when the screen comes back up.

This is a town day, so most of my morning work is already done, and now I need to focus on getting out my door in a little while. Wrestled with a dumb redirect for awhile getting a new Lexx thing going, seems to be working fine now. I've got a couple of write ups in queue, and plenty more I can do through the year in between other projects, so that'll be a thing.

This song is really on my mind a lot this week. Love Nightwish. Cool that someone set it to LOTR. Srsly wanna dig around and see if anyone figured out how to make Hobbit doors for minecraft. Kai showed me a Lothlorien realm last week, it was stunning. The sheer amount of work that went into something that beautiful was breathtaking, and it's interactive.