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Monday, February 15, 2016

fandom refocus- drudgery of cleaning house vs elation of creativity

I've pared down my following number on twitter by a thousand now. This whole time I had only one tiny twinge of regret that lasted about 10 seconds. I feel like I'm doing twitter taxes or something when I think about it. My followers list never quite reached 3200 at its highest, so I'll just call my gross followers 3100. (That's not counting all the followers who dropped off over the last year when I didn't follow them back, or the spam/porn accounts that got deleted.) It's only down to 2875 right now, even though I've actually lost hundreds more in the last 2 weeks, because so many new ones keep following so fast, so I guess my net loss is only 425, even though I've unfollowed a thousand now.

stuff, thangs, maybe deleted

On the bright side, @WalkingDead_AMC followed me last night, and they NEVER did that while I was actually doing the live tweet review. I'll take it.

Meanwhile, I started a seed world in single player called 'StarStruck' and have built my first house. It's already getting more elaborate, but I really enjoyed constructing this and it didn't take that long. Almost couldn't peel away for Walking Dead last night, so I think it's safe to say I'm a minecraft junkie now.

I originally accidentally started a super flat world and was doing pretty well with it, the potential for baddie attraction out on the wide open plains is very tempting for super combat skillz, but imagining a year of flatness dulled that excitement pretty quickly. As in immediately. So I deleted the whole thing, including the yellow brick road I was building toward the Emerald City I was going to make (building Labyrinth from the ground up would have been a great exercise, too, I may actually start a flat world over one day), and seeded another world. Now I live on a mountaintop and have plans for a futuristic city in a Taiga biome (I've also learned to write down coordinates and teleport, so it's getting hella fun) (you really need to do that because the minecraft world is too humongous to just 'explore'- The immense size of the minecraft world...).

Sometimes the talking just needs to stop for awhile.

Iz trew. I ripped out about 8000 words over a 24 hour period and still got chores done and food cooked. The last couple of weeks have been extremely liberating.

I've noticed there's this meme dichotomy on twitter. One meme promotes unconditional love, flaws and all, the other promotes getting away and clearing out the toxic people who drag your life down. It's been interesting watching several accounts who promote the unconditional love thing block other accounts for very trivial interaction hisses. Blocking is for spam and abuse, guys. Y'all playing with your block buttons like they're toys and then pouting when other people don't put up with your own sass (I've been dealing with several of you), what a silly tangled little world your heads must be. Am I the only one I know on twitter actually seeing a real psychologist? Actually dealing head on with addictions and emotional puzzles? Actually angsting over the word "friend"? When someone brings a definite skill set to the table and yanks my chain making promises of loyalty and future coolness, it gets really weird realizing I'm tied up in a dark room watching someone drink themselves to death watching the same TV shows over and over, feeling like I'm being held hostage as a prize for the world to be jealous over or something. Yeah, I'm a webmaster in a world fandom. You know how many people noticed everything that happened? And asked me why?

more stuff, more thangs, maybe more deleted
Maybe I got thangs to do.