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Thursday, February 4, 2016

you and me

lol, this was an accident. both lappys have rotating wallpapers

Having one of those weeks where I throw everything in the house into the washing machine, and my workouts turn into multitasking. If I'm moving around, may as well move stuff with me, right? In the meantime, I'm fussing with tech.

A few of you are aware I started working on my Mantrid post before Halloween last fall and went almost directly into the kind of tech fail that didn't allow me to continue working on captures, then I upgraded and transitioned over through post-holiday nasty chest cold stuff, and since then I've been studying screen layouts and tweaking advanced html adapting to new phone tech and hopefully all the different devices popping this page open now. During that it dawned on me I can get even better captures on this new lappy and started over on that part, and now the question is- Will I have this out in time for Valentine's Day? Our Mantrid love might be exquisitely timed here.

I'm "playing". I could see everything great on the old Toshiba, but Jawn keeps sizing Pinky blog text to micro no matter how I tweak my monitor settings, so I'm going to hafta go into html and play with font sizing and maybe the colors and see if that helps. I see everything great in the editor, but not on the blog itself.

I'd already noticed awhile back that my phone doesn't show the fonts I choose on a laptop, and that the sizing problems have more to do with graphics than the text, but it's the opposite on Jawn. Huge graphics, tiny font. My Lexxperience blog doesn't seem to be affected that much, at least that I can see from Jawn. Why Pinky blog???

Anyway, during my 3 1/2 hours of euphoric sleep last night, I came blazing awake with this fantastic idea to pull both lappys up together and just start all over with the captures on Jawn, and I've been bouncing around ever since doing laundry and a workout and general cleaning offing of countertops thinging with only one little yogurt in me. I may hafta reign myself in, this is NOT the way to pace myself. May hafta make myself eat some nachos or something. They don't even sound good, I'd rather just keep bouncing and not eating, but we don't want that nasty crash in a few days, do we? No, we don't.

Me & Jawn irl.