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Saturday, February 13, 2016


Yesterday was my first real raid. All those arrows sticking out of my armor- cool, huh?

And then Kai was looking up saying the stars were so pretty.

It reminded me of John and Sherlock. If you click this you can see the moving gif.

It was such a cool moment, that calm place after the big fight where you feel glad about standing next to someone who had your back. Literally. Even after all the fun I made of Kai walking around with an arrow stuck in his butt.

I was all like Hold still for a sec... lol.

And then later on outside I totally got killed by creepers and zombies while I'm tripping over my bow and my sword and flinging stupid torches, and when I respawned and came back to get all the stuff I dropped, I never could find my pants. So call me Xena. Oh, just being awesome without any pants. Bare legs never stopped a deadly warrior, right?

And then, since I had named my sword in the secret lab, Kai said kill him so I could see what it looks like when the announcement rolls up that I've killed someone. I couldn't resist that name. @bonenado would be jealous, he loves that show.

Oh, the secret lab, you ask. This is me being awesome learning how to enchant my sword and make armor and stuff.

Kewl, huh?

I wound up with glowing purple pants later, matched my sword. Sorry, didn't get a selfie.