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Friday, March 11, 2016

oddz n endz

Flying out my door again kinda early this morning. This month's cool hangout is a new building in what will soon be a new branch of a whole cluster of new buildings. I am now working with the only therapists in the entire area specializing in hands. That big black dot in the sky is a real bird.

It's a long way from my house, but I route around a pretty drive getting there. I don't do the big highways any more on my own. This is a gated community that disallows anyone below a certain income level. I drive by a lot of those, tucked away in the hills. I know all the old windy roads that drive by really sweet houses. When it greens up, these places will look like the stuff of magazines. I always laugh. They'd be jealous of the area I live in. We're not rich or anything, but we were smart enough to build out of town, and we're getting a lot more for what we pay for, and no less than what I'm seeing flitting by my windows.

Scott's coworkers are insisting we get hooked on Game of Thrones, sent first season home with him. I wanna be like Old Nan when I get really old, scaring children with terrifying stories of mutilation and horror. I'm pretty sure my dad would've wound up like this if he'd been born a girl.

I had a kiddo for about 5 hours yesterday. She's at the age now where she realizes she can pretend, so she's pretending to be a baby in a pretend crib, because there's a new baby at daycare or something. But mostly she bounced all over my bed and put tortilla chips in the propane wall heater and watched an insane amount of Doc McStuffins while she ate everything in the house. I'd sure love to have her energy.

This one wins pic of the week. It was no accident, I got to see a video of him painting mama with the same marker, and it all matched from side to side like he was getting her ready for the the-a-tah, so I think we've got an artist up and coming.

Time to scram. Having a little trubba getting my brain in this morning. You know that coffee isn't doing the trick when I sit through stuff this bad, lol. j/k, the edit is pretty brilliant.

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