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Saturday, March 19, 2016

juggling eggs and chainsaws

Last night's dream was me mostly crammed into a sandwich shop on location, sitting next to Harrison Ford and winding up with my head on his shoulder having a deep convo about all the things and where my Lexxperience is taking me. I met other people, too, and got to stand in for scene set because someone else got sick, which was cool in a no biggie kind of way. I really don't get out of my house much...

And then when I woke up I nearly broke out in a cold sweat thinking Oh no whatifHarrisonFordisalloverthetwitters (because we all know what that means), but he wasn't *whew*.

I cannot even describe the kind of pain I'm in. Releasing nerve pressure via soft tissue shred isn't much different from getting smashed for a mammography, only these are nerves down my arms and the pain is continual. And I've just deleted whiny stuff twice. Moving on.

Oh, the rest of my body wants to wave hi. They say cold spring rain sux. I say ok, we hear you, let's move on now.

Stuff going on at my house.

I normally can't get this close to our flowering trees without being in a cloud of bees. Not a single bee yet this year.

We had a sickie over yesterday. Yeah, she doesn't look sick here, does she? The ibuprofen was kicking in. Aaaand I accidentally just flagged my own AOL picture mail. #facepalm I wonder how many people do that.

Other mishaps because hand probs- apps migrating all over my phone or disappearing completely every time I fumble it (that kidlock app is looking mighty good about now), getting unnecessarily killed in minecraft because I keep throwing stuff like torches and sandwiches (hi, let's be friends!) instead of wielding my sword, casually flipping cooking utensils around the house (food fight!), nearly deleting the show I wanna watch on the DVR because I'm busy fumbling the remote, you get the picture. I touch it, it goes outa control.

But hey! Remember the sand manufacturing plant I was working on? Guess what, it's all dug out and our own little lake now, with fish and everything. Kai gave me my own pet fish, check it out. Don't worry, it's only 20 seconds long.

This last week has been pretty wild. Actually, this whole month has been like hanging on for dear life on a rocket ship. Only two more weeks to go... Praying no more appointments get moved. Eight of those days are booked with stuffs, including very major things in my family, so I'm hanging onto that Cumbercod. If I'm not on the medias or responding to private anythings, it's bcuz I'm jetsetting, juggling eggs and chainsaws.

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