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Thursday, March 10, 2016

the tower view is pretty magical

And this is why you wear armor, kids.

I particularly appreciate that the arrow through my throat was magically disarmed by armor association. That attack was in broad daylight because my trees got so overgrown. I was in MoCreatures multiplayer here, this isn't my singleplayer stuff on Starrstrukk.

I'm running around in pink leggings. =D

That was yesterday.

This was this morning. The rain is neverending today. I didn't create the buildings in this vid, but I did create the highway, the expansion on the shack (it was roofless when admin gave the year-long abandoned building to us) and the fences around it for my tree farm, and remodeled the sandstone patio area at the beach house.

This isn't my creation, either, but I think it's just stunning. The scenery reminds me of the Ozarks, and the builder probably had no idea we have a famous tower in Branson. This minecraft tower is still under construction, but I already just love it. I'm in a truly awesome and creative crew.

I have an appointment in town today and it's raining in real life, too, bleah. See ya.

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