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Monday, March 7, 2016

minecraft fractals

Just woke up from the coolest dream where I was in minecraft watching John and Sherlock solve a case (NOT looking at all like the way we see 2D minecraft play out in 3D virtual space). Minecraft automatically generates blocks of all kinds, from mobs to ores, and sometimes I think about that while I'm running around in there. In my dream I was standing in a room next to an open space that suddenly did a fractal bifurcation, kind of like a virtual 4D in real 3D space. And of course, in my dream, in my brain, it was actually all virtual, but I really felt like I was there in the middle of it, seemed very real and natural. And there was no parallel anything (scifi shows assume quantum bifurcation springing alt worlds into reality, which is fun, but I digress), it all fit neatly into one world even though it was a fractal bifurcation. I was right on the edge of understanding it when I bolted awake, so I kind of lost that thought. If anything, I felt like my brain was showing me how it works in there. How thoughts happen.

So that put me in the mood for fractals. I've seen minecrafts fractals before because I've dug through the fractals so much on youtube, and minecraft is a natural algorithmic process, so there is plenty out there. But it's been awhile (couple of years?) since I looked around, so there's new stuff going on. This guy does a LOT of cool stuff with minecraft. This spontaneous music generation seems to be an offshoot.

This is a very short piece of a 5 hour live stream he did, if you know anything at all about minecraft, this is pretty funny, makes all my beginner probs look so tiny. Language caution.

Ok, now I'm just lost in youtubeland. I should probably get off here.

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