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Saturday, March 12, 2016

fully armed #greatbandname

I've already lost those cute little pink pants I had on the other day. I have a braincation spot in the tundra for super slow brain days, and a wolf took me out, armor and everything. All I got back was my helmet, no idea what even happened to the rest, we weren't in the water or anything. Weird things happen up in the tundra.

Wait, I think this is the werewolf that got me. Don't let his rugged good looks fool you. He'll kill again...

Yep, typical werewolf gear- wooden tool and a stick.

Coming through the tail end of another really hard week. Who knew arm work could be so exhausting? The therapist said my tissues are pretty gritty, have got some pretty tough areas full of scar beads and tough strings of muscle hardening up. We're doing both arms, shoulders to palms. I didn't mention all the flashbacks I'm having of years past where I was so bad that people kept offering to do chores around the house for me, and I'd crabbily say "NO, *I* have to", and I kept hauling myself around and forcing myself to do things even when I could barely move and the pain was excruciating. So therapy is nothing compared to that, but we're breaking down years of scarred tissues, and my body has to flush out the shred and rebuild all that tissue, so I'm drinking lots of water and pushing more protein. The coolest thing about this month so far is that I'm working harder and longer without realizing it before I finally stop in amazement. The wall I normally hit with my arms and hands is being extended further and further out, huzzah! Still, I'm pretty worn out, may be resting a lot through the weekend. The difficulty level holding my phone so I can tweet while I watch TV has gone up exponentially, but I'm sure it's temporary.

Oh, and she said left arm was definitely worse than the right one, fits the left side pattern going back to being ejected during a wreck.

I'm dreaming almost exclusively in minecraft lately, and I'm really there, it's 3D all around me in the real world. I think my brain likes the puzzle of simulating me being incorporated into it, plus I can almost see the code in every block, all the little triggers that make this or that happen. I've never actually seen minecraft code (Kai is already saying I'd be good at it), but I've been having coding dreams ever since 2004 so I'm quite enjoying this new puzzle, it's very distracting and helping me so much with wading through the emotional junk of daily living.

K, I have several things lined up today, and I really really wanna get some stuff done, so... time to go. Laterz.

She doesn't know she's my Merlin. I don't think she's ever seen the show. She amazes me, and I try to act all cool and stuff, but I'm just standing there being amazed. She never knew that before. I'm making sure she knows it now.

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