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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cumberbunnies and Easter Eggs

Another Easter eve, and my house is quiet while the rowdy fun starts in other places. I'm a little relieved. Flipping through facebook, seeing a lot of Ishtar reminders going around. I think we know. But it's ok. We have #bencongruity saving us. Click for Cumberbunnies.

One more week that includes 5 appointments (one is Bunny's) and a big ol' surgery on a tiny little guy I haven't met yet but I've seen his picture a lot. (Not one of mine, but iz family stuff, so yeah.)

I generally don't allow the room to feel sorry for myself, but this week I've been missing pasta and tylenol. I've been eating extra chocolate chips to make up for it.

Khanbunny. Clicks to a whole feed of pix. Don't ask why, just do it.

I was actually searching "pink cumberbunny", and it's got some crazy nonrelated stuff popping up. I'm going to share. All these pix click to sources.

Crocheted food headwear. I really like the spaghetti and meatballs one.

THIS IS NOT A CUMBERBUNNY. But it's weird and it's Johnny. I'll take it. Oddly, it clicks to an article on Cumberbunnies, BUT on the side there was another feature article about Johnny Depp's head mold being used in The Walking Dead. You're welcome.

Srsly. In a 'pink cumberbunny' search, and even more strangely than the last link, this one goes to a blog review of the Hobbit trilogy. You guys think I'm obsessed with stuff, I'm nothing compared to some of the bloggers I run across.

Last one, I promise. And yes, the link is just as vague, but the overall experience there is you probably not coming back here. I mean, *I* nearly didn't, so I could hardly blame you.

These are the Easter eggs I want. Super spoiler warning if you haven't yet seen The Abominable Bride.

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