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Thursday, March 10, 2016

getting back to my twitter roots

Ok, I think I've about got my twitter the way I want it now. Still get a few random CEOs popping up in my feed, easy to nick out. If you are a Lexx fan on twitter and I unfollowed you, it was likely because I either didn't realize or your feed is so gunky and gummy (or old and abandoned) that I don't remember you being one. I'll follow you back again if you let me know, but you'll need to answer a Lexx question to prove it. I've had too many 'entrepreneurs' retweet something Lexx just to get a follow.

By the way, to anyone else offended by my hashtag bio preferences (yes, that actually happened), SyfyDesignsSnarkalecs and my own content outrank being tagged a million times. I still can't believe I got ripped on for what I put into my own bio, but there you go.

This song has been stuck in my head for at least 12 hours now. Yes, even in my sleep.

I love that song. But then this one muscled through and told me GET TO WORK! This was the song I used first coming back out to keep me motivated, when everything I was doing was very slowly putting scraps from a very distant past back together again. Guess it worked. Lots to do today, so I'm going to get on it.

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