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Sunday, March 13, 2016

wyverns and snake eggs

When I was a hotel desk clerk, I used to check in a retired surgeon who made extra money filling in at walk in clinics and the local prison. His favorite two pastimes in the whole world were crossword puzzles and horror movies. I asked him once whether he wasn't tired of the bloody stuff after all those years being a surgeon, and he said they were the funniest things he ever saw, the gorier and more awful, the better. I've heard the same thing about other professions, like how crime field professionals watch cop and lawyer shows, etc. Everyone has their favorite stuff, and it's usually based on something else already familiar in their lives.

When a gang of professional retailers hits a minecraft server, you get this kind of stuff going on.

I grabbed one of the wyvern eggs. I'm going to make a pet bigger than me that follows me around everywhere attacking mobs when they interrupt me mining and tending my tree farms. If you're ever playing minecraft on MoCreatures, you can get stuff at the /warp Rivyn111 store. I was trying to get a selfie here, neither one of these wyverns are mine. They are the cutest babies you ever saw when they first hatch.

Watching my crew on chat irl while they're running around minecraft and cracking up because they're so hilarious.

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