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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

talk to the hand vaca

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Masochistic hipster- "Yeah, got a little beat up in therapy, check out my bruises." (Me to @bonenado last night.) And once again I was told I take more pain than anyone this person's seen with fibro. #painwhore

I've had to turn old lappy back on last couple of days for stuff, and that poor thing keeps shutting down 5 minutes in. I've gotta get into there this week and start stripping it out before I can't even get it to boot any more. I especially need to get my keycode so I can activate my Office on Jawn. How was I even working on that thing at all?

This was my game lag yesterday. Around 2:45 it all catches up and you get to see me get pelted. Count the arrows. Crack me up. Going to see if resetting the router last night works today.

I can actually barely use my hands right now. Minecraft is easy, basically use one finger on each hand, one to navigate, one to work, and on a keyboard there's no gripping at all. Minecraft is like a big hand vacation without having to get bored. I still get up and move around a lot because the rest of me won't sit very long, so I'm staying relatively caught up with the house, although slipping a little last couple of days. I'm barely holding a coffee cup right now, driving is hellish, and having to even pick up the remote sucketh. I've been sleeping a bit more through some of this, thank goodness, and pushing hydration and protein while I heal.

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I'm actually ok with my life. Whoever has time to sit and make up all those memes, your bitterness and self pity are showing. Try minecraft...

Good song set to terribly vague visual storyboard? I'll take it. #bencongruity

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