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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

and that's about as political as Pinky gets

I wasn't done with this yet, for the person who saw it accidentally publish while I was trying to publish a minecraft post. Sorry, lol.

#TrumpIn3Words He's no Reagan

I've been carrying a bugout bag everywhere I go for so long I can't remember not having one. I grew up under the supervision of a man born to world class survivalists. Not the 'cray' kind you hear about stockpiling, but the real kind who dodged wars and more wars over the Prussian borders being moved around, stuff like that. Way back kind of stuff.

Back in 2008, big pharma policies started changing, drug companies started getting 'audited' and frozen over 'grandfather' class drugs and a couple other meds, and I watched cries go up on the internet about doctors' hands being tied over head meds suddenly being unavailable. Patients across the nation were suddenly bumped off serious meds that you do NOT cold turkey off of. Being on the edge of insurance 'fraud' myself (seriously, a loophole my former rep didn't catch transitioning me toward disability nearly got me sued), I realized that I could easily find myself thrown out in the cold with serious withdrawal problems on top of severe pain from chronic illness problems taking me down. I thought it through and made a plan to become less dependent on big pharma and more independent through a revised healthier lifestyle. Much of this is documented on Bluejacky.

I called Ferguson about 15 years ago. I was in deep discussion with a naysayer at work in a breakroom when I said, "Just watch, it'll start in Missouri." We were discussing the necessary installment of military force on our own soil, how one could successfully establish martial law.

By the way, I think this article is a doublethink plant to displace blame and calm people down after the fact
Federal Government Will No Longer Give Local Police Certain Military-Grade Equipment

because of this.
Obama pressing for federal control of local police

I'm neither for nor against this, and I'll tell you why.

There is no left or right. Everything is progressing exactly the way it's supposed to and has been for many years. We are watching a game being played out on a world chess board that's been going on for at least a thousand years and maybe much longer. It's not about liberalism and conservatism. It's not about human rights and the ecosystem. It's about winning the whole world.

Some people don't like this game and keep refusing to take sides. Can hardly blame Putin, he's actually been pretty bold standing up to all this. The Vatican is practically being held hostage and people don't even see it. Just another piece on the board, playing along.

The bombings tell the story. Some are planted fakes, some are real, most of them are just a distraction. It's all subtext. Pop music and bombings are like a sort of morse code going back and forth from the real players we never see. And you'll never see them. Not on the news, not anywhere.

The news is like that, too. How quickly we forget Orwell. Did you know C.S. Lewis actually spelled out how the news would be taken over way back in the 40s? That Hideous Strength It's part of the Space Trilogy.

I've been saying for a few years that entertainment heavily leaning toward mass extinction and hysteria feels like it's preparing us for occupation. We're so distracted with stuff we don't realize we're already slowly being occupied. Some people freak out about citizen control, but like I said, I think it's a necessary step in the growing pains toward the future. After all, I don't want to the wrong player to win the world game.

Over 2000 of us in Missouri voted for Huckabee in the presidential primaries. You don't see that because he wasn't running, but his name was on the 2016 ballot. Missouri primary election results I seriously don't believe my vote ever changes anything, because electoral colleges wiped out the idea that one person can make a difference, but I can still use the ballot to send a message. We know this is a game, and we know this is just a cover for the scripted news for 'seems legit' to the viewers.

I'm not worried. Orwell said the proles wouldn't be affected. Lay low and let it pass over. People bluffing that they'll move to another country if so and so is elected, don't be stupid. This is a world game, and all the places are already saturated with it.

It's good to be ready for stuff anyway, right? Hurricanes, wildfires, grids and satellites because dirty bombs or asteroids or whatevs.

Play smart. Even if nothing bad ever happens, at least you'll live a sensible life instead of whining about stuff. The politics on your TV might be more connected to the move into designer head meds than you can imagine. What do you think the long slow war over legalizing pot is all about?

Something to think about.

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