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Thursday, January 26, 2017

arguing with my phone, I say lightly

Abandoned Jawn & pretending I'd rather be on the couch anyway for no other reason than I'm my own worst bully & I can't take the beating myself up any more today. I can usually juggle the voices, or kinda stifle them staying busy. No one really likes you, they just put up with you. Like I care. I'm aspienado, I'm the worst for dismissing others without noticing. But you suck and you're failing again. Where is this even coming from? Did you not get the chocolate? Helloooo. You may as well just give up and close it all down and admit this is an elaborate ruse to entertain yourself while you go mad. #facepalm OK, first of all, you know all I hafta do to make you shut up is pop a xanax, so you're not even real. Second of all, I've been putting up with you for years anyway, who even cares. Third of all- ok, you got me, I'm talking to myself on a phone through a blog. You're right, we're official, can you just please shut up now? *crickets* That's better.