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Thursday, January 5, 2017

soul parole

~last night, 10:45 p.m.~

The kind of tired where you haven't eaten for 12 hours and spent the last 5 of those in an ER. Oh, nothing, just more of that referred pain shock stuff ripping around upper left quadrant. Srsly, they were checking me in transport for possible aortic aneurysm. The most I was thinking was possible hernia from picking Bunny up a couple times, even though I've been able to do my workout walks every morning and carried groceries in just fine. Full pelvic CT says ~it's nothing~. Well, they don't wanna call it *nothing* because it could be something, and those kinds of could bes aren't really talked about casually in ER checkouts, so I brushed it off and came on home. I'll talk about could bes with my neurologist when I see him. Whatever it was sucked enough to send my blood pressure up to 200/137 for awhile in transport, even though there was nothing else going on except that one spot that kept pain shocking right under my rib cage. The really fun part was refusing anything offered to me. Sorry, don't need that, not nauseated. Nope, sorry, no more opioids, thanx. If I'm going to die, I'd really like to go out thinking a last thought, you know? Not getting wasted on something.

The first ancient woman in the next bed arrived after me but was sent home before me, even with a wheezing cough that sounded like death itself had escorted her in. Everything was great- lungs were clear, kidney function fantastic for someone her age, all other indication was she was really only 20 something because her body didn't know how to die, but she had ridiculously horrible COPD because, that's right, she's a smoker. I could never live with coughing like that if I could actually control turning a cough like that off. I really hope she appreciates how lucky she is, because the woman that got that bed after her was probably really in her 20s and had been dx'd with lupus complicating into a vasculitis issue, and very emotionally overwhelmed, as one might expect. And of course, I'm the one who took the longest getting tests with nothing to show for it, but undoubtedly the happiest leaving. As long as they don't see anything and I can still walk around doing stuff by myself, I don't give a rat's behind if I'm the pain queen. I feel like I'm doing penance in this life or something, and maybe this is my limbo life for getting out of jail free later, like maybe I'm on soul parole. Dang it, someone's already hashtagged that. Great band name, though, but dang it, I think that's what the hashtag was for. And looking around, it's also apparently a book title. Oh, well. I'm making it my post title anyway.


That was fun. I think I'm going to 'slam book' more often and just tell stories on people around me in real life. I rarely get out, so hopefully they'll all be doozies.

Got a hard crust of snow overnight, maybe more snow coming today. Had the crockpot on by 4:30 and I'm probably going back to bed pretty quick because getting up at 3 a.m. after going to bed around 11 p.m. kinda sucks.

So my control post that I never linked is now sitting at the tippy top of my top ten recently most read. I guess the next test would be to pull the top ten widget down and see if it abruptly stops, because I've never been able to truly nail incoming on that one. Except I'm lazy. It's probably going to sit up there being a curiosity now until newbie traffic dies down a little. That's another problem I have with statcounter, the only hits it sees on that particular post are me and one other person for a total of 8 hits, and there are, as of this moment, 129 from a different tracker. I'm getting a lot of stealth traffic, and that's exactly what the control post was there to find out. That's like finding out for every page load statcounter says I get, I get 16 more on another tracker. So if statcounter says I have 11.5K total page loads, that *could* mean the possibility, at furthest stretch, of having upwards of 184K page loads, most of which I never see. Not all posts would have that ratio, of course, but for a post that was never linked or link shared outside of blogger (and then only in a top ten list once it got hit enough), sure makes a person wonder about the posts that ARE link shared. I've been noting a discrepancy between twitter stats and blogger stats for a long time. There is some indication that even blogger isn't counting all the loads, and that twitter (and facebook) aren't bound by the same google stealth as direct incoming. Unless a person knows how to be super invisible, a private facebook sometimes gives them away, but only for a load count. Again, for those of you who think tracking technology shows me your back yard, no, I have no clue who you are or where you are unless you are using wifi in big places offering wifi service, like medical facilities, campuses, your work... Always cracks me up when I can see someone logging into personal internet from work. Still doesn't mean I can see what you're having for lunch.

I have way too much fun freaking y'all out. One of the reasons it's gotten so hard to pull in tracker info now is because most of you have followed instructions and learned how to use your masking. Good! Use anonymity while we've still got that freedom. I still think one day that won't be a thing anymore.

I think I'm going back to bed now.