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Saturday, January 28, 2017

I choose a mortal life

Living, learning, loving, leaving,
Giving, growing, gaining, grieving,
Mindful muses interweaving
Everlasting self-perceiving...

In our last lives we did not yet know how to weep. We are on the weeping world now. Everyone who comes here must weep to move forward on the board, climb higher in the rank. It's a risky world- some are irreparably broken and get stuck, or worse, make the weeping harder. Some freeze up and forget, some fire up and torment. Some feel sick of it, some find strength in it, but in the end, we all learn what weeping means. We learn cost.

Pinky is on break. Bluejacky is posting while Janika works. We aren't sure where Yablo is. Pinky said we could autoschedule and not worry about linking, because it's still kind of checking in. Besides, some know where Pinky is, and that is enough.