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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

getting all laid back like

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I memed a meme
Well. Might get interesting. Had to skip my blood pressure med last night. My pressure came back up enough to take it this morning, 124/83, but last night without any help at all it was 117/73. I've had to take a blood pressure med twice a day for 2 decades trying to keep my crazy blood pressure controlled, have been through so much stuff over it. Get a little air pressure while I sleep *bing* fixed.

The interesting part is that one of the reasons I'm on this particular med is for breakout SVTs, even after surgery. You don't just stop a beta blocker when you have those. I'm very curious to see if the breakouts were symptomatic from what is now being addressed. If my BP stays down and I don't have any more breakouts, it's conceivable I'll be able to get off my BP med. Conceivable. Not holding my breath yet.

Exciting for me, boring for you. Moving on.

Not really here to yap, actually. Need to get groceries today after an appointment, nice out but cold, not complaining one bit because this beats snow and ice. This will be my first jaunt out since doubling my gabapentin. I've been a little stare at the walls, but I think I've adapted enough to do this today. H*o*p*i*n*g I get my minecraft launcher figured out tomorrow so I can get back on multiplayer. In the meantime, playing survival in a realm and doing awesome stuff even though my compatriots have abandoned me for multiplayer. I made 15 blocks of obsidian from survival scratch, time to make an enchantment table. Running cross country looking for a village library to raid, if I don't find one soon I'll just kill a ton of cows on the way back and make my own books. When I get on multiplayer, I'm going raw and totes gaining status and wealth from my super chill skillz.

Loving the new Sherlock fanvids coming out. They're very spoilery and super dark, so for now I'm going with this goodie just to be ornery. If you haven't seen season 4 yet, GO. NOW.