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Friday, January 20, 2017

braincation in wonderland

I am here today. It clicks to more info.

Neurologist  firmly insisted yesterday that I bump up my 'tiny' gabapentin dose, so over this next week I'll be doing the ramping up to next level thing. There aren't any particularly pressing symptoms other than my whole nervous system coming more and more 'on' (as I call it) over the last 6 months despite intensive physical therapy, but since insurance allows another brain image, it's in queue on standby in case this year goes downhill. Sticking to my backup noncompliant nature, I made sure it's ok not to go get that done right away. I think he said the last one was 2013. I can't find evidence of it (shock, right? I document everything), and I have a horrible memory for time framing stuff, so I'm going with that. It's been long enough that if this year goes off the rails, it's time to see if there is visible change going on. I've lost count of all the brain scans I've had since my 20s. Can't remember if I've at least had a CT head shot since 2013, but I'm betting yes.

Calendar sync was a little off the rails this morning, but I think that's all fixed now. Not sure how, but still balancing to the penny with my money.

I guess in between minecraft surges (usually 15 minutes long) I'll be getting ready for a possible Bunny sleepover tomorrow. I'm on point for the rest of the debris field from years of mobile office to magically fall into place now, will mostly be a bit of drudgery through keep/toss & find homes kind of stuff. My mobile work area has been slo-mo remodeling into permanent work area last couple of months, and I'm so ready for this to get done. Another diligent month or two will hopefully establish my dominance in this house. I say that knowing Bunny will probably be inspecting like a store visit from regional by the time she hits 4... You know what I mean if you've ever retailed.

Me and minecraft irl.