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Thursday, January 26, 2017

obsession alert

obsession alert
Oh, no, she's using comic sans...

I take comic sans very seriously. As does CERN. --> Know Your Meme

click for an actual real thing bcuz some of us really dig fonts

All my blogs used to be in comic sans.

I still can't go there. I can't rewatch yet. Way too many triggers. I just shut down after the last time I talked about it. I could LIST the triggers in this season.


The long muscle running up the side of my spine on the right side feels like thousands of splinters mashing around all along in there whenever I lean back or lay down. It used to be an itch, now it's stabby little jabs. This is a new thing in that area. New things raise eyebrows.

I'm ok with it. I know it's 'fake' (it's very real, just referred from nerve trunk in my spine), and it's surprisingly easy to adapt to it. It's very different from stabby joint pain or stabby trigeminal ear pain. After how numb it's been for so long (left side all the pain, right side numb), I'm just glad that nerve network still works at all.

The important thing is to keep moving, no matter what.

I'm trying not to be a brat. I've had baditude all month, first from cutting back on my coffee, now from cutting down on my xanax, so I'm trying to be sweet, but sometimes you just gotta flog someone with the flowers you pick, knowhutImean? Srsly tho, I am successfully down a quarter pill on the xanax this month, and for protracted benzo, that's a big deal. If I can keep this up, I hope to be cleaned back off xanax by summer. Go slow on that one and do your research before you just jump off that stuff, it gets really hairy and people wind up in hospitals over it.

This color is super light pink. It looks yellow to me on this kind of purple. I imagine there's a perspective metaphor in there somewhere applicable to social media, but I'm not caring at the moment.

This song was playing in Walmart yesterday. I am so glad to see this video. It's kind of saving Pinky's week.