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Sunday, January 29, 2017

bossy Pinky

It's like I'm in the third grade again doing sticker charts, but I love it and of course I'm crushing it, just like I did the timed multiplication table.

I've discovered I can dye leather, and even enchant it. There is a tie-dye option I'm going to try soon. The light stuff is enchanted iron, the tunic is leather.

Up to 300 3X a day on gabapentin now. Actually makes a difference, but definitely still feel what it's muffling. It's like adventuring into the nether regions of weird. Just keep moving.

Oh, yeah, keep reminding myself to update my medical bracelet. One of those meds.

Most of Christmas is paid off, did that yesterday. Calendar sync was off again, no idea wtf I do messing that up. I can have someone in my ear TELLING me THIS DAY and I still write it all on the wrong day. It isn't until I see upcoming appts on a list online that I realize I got the day wrong. See, this is why Pinky gets so bossy...

Pinky is also noticing the we snacked our way back to first of the month weigh-in. ­čśáSTOP THE NACHOS, GUYS. Sheesh. Oh, right, we're blaming the med dose increase, NO WE'RE NOT. STOP. EATING. Dang it, always cleaning up after a party...

#transparency I had to *learn* to think of me as "I". #aspienado has been 'we' since we were a small child. We're working on that in psyche therapy this year.

Oh, great, my headphones just went out. *breaking out the next pair* That's right, I have 3 more on standby...