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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pinky parked O_O ok j/k

Last night I dreamed that Amy Poehler 'parked' her twitter. It was a cool new thing twitter had made where verified accounts could 'park' their accounts, like a parked website, meaning they could revert to a cover page instead of a timeline and leave a message, like Amy had left a message that she 'Parked' (pun intended bcuz Parks and Recreation) her twitter for now due to getting ready for this or that and please wish her luck with it. And then there were big buttons tweeps could push with a range of emojis on them in response, kinda like facebook, but no way to tweet back because tagging would no longer tag since the account was parked (so no notifications to accounts that are parked, right). And then it became all the rage and celebrities were parking their twitters left and right and just updating occasionally instead of tweeting any more. And while it was a cute dream, I'm kinda seeing it as a death knell if they ever really do something like that, because it amounts to nothing more than a blank website cover page hosted by a content curator stalled on curating actual content and essentially puts a wall back up between elites and peasants, as it were.

Thoughts this weekend-

  • CPAP is a great way to smell your own breath for several hours. 👍
  • I can't help wondering if pets being able to talk would be a lot like 3 year olds being able to 'talk', a stream of continual gibberish with real words mixed in and disastrously misunderstood thoughts, and then bursts of emotions, and then more distractions. You know, like when you throw out the dead mouse gift and stuff. 👍
  • M&Ms and cheese fix ~everything~. Keep standby stashes on hand at all times. 👍

That's it, not a lot of thinking going on right now. Doubling (pre-tripling ramp up) my gabapentin dose has got me a little goofy and somewhat less inhibited on the stabby side, so I'm trying to stay off anything personal on social medias. One of my 2017 decisions for Pinky blog was to be more transparent and yet less wordy- get to the point. So here's the point today- Even my neurologist asked me if I'd ever had shingles. Everyone asks me sooner or later about shingles, and I've never ever ever had them. Ever. I live with the kind of nerve pain that people associate with shingles, and it never stops. Years and years of this.

That's about as boiled down as I can say it. I don't like dwelling because that's a great way to make depression go off a cliff, and while I might kinda joke about pain levels being 3 walls off the smiley chart, it's a very personal thing and difficult to actually be real about without reducing myself to a weepy mess.

So while I'm med adjusting and CPAP adapting and Bunny hosting and generally dealing with winter, #itsnotyouitsme (unless you're bombing my facebook fan group with an unrelated political joke) and you know I'll be deep in minecraft for distraction and glitchy brain training. 👍