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Friday, January 13, 2017

slow but positive navigation

May hafta bullet point because I've walked off from this blank page for nearly 3 hours now.

  • I'm down 4 pounds now since 1/1, technically 6 but I'm not counting that 2 pounds that kept bouncing on and off all through holidays.
  • Blood pressure was 132/70 at my primary doctor yesterday, a super rare event since I usually have white coat syndrome in his office. Not sure that losing only 4 pounds would knock it down that much (I'm a solid 138/84 kind of person), but maybe adding the meh thing from yesterday's post helps, because my anxiety was down and I spoke well.
  • I'm preferring to hold off on increasing my gabapentin dose until I touch base with neurologist next week.
  • May have seduced my psychologist to the minecraft side. Hauled Jawn in and gave him a live tour and had a really good session about that memory impacting me, and it really was cool seeing how it expressed in my build. I'm cutting visits back to once a month through the winter so I won't have to drive in weather, but I think I'll be ok because I'm doing so well blogging and daily touch bases with key people.
  • Got crucial restock done, poor house has been wiped clean after holidays and we needed so many things. Promptly conked on the couch after I got all that in (it really was a long day for me) and Scott woke me up coming in from work, so that was a solid nap like I haven't had in forever.
  • Tentatively shooting for pushing the publish this year, so I may not be on social media as much as in the past. I had plans to push the Mantrid post out already, get content moved to SyfyDesigns and write for Cryonet, but the moved tonsillectomy and sleep study all at the same time really blew my personal time table out of the water, and picking up pieces is always slow. Doesn't mean I'm diverting or walking off, just means my ship is creeping through hopefully the last of an asteroid mine field.

That's probably plenty of that. Got a 5# pork roast into the crockpot a little bit ago, and I think I'm going to spaz out and play minecraft off and on today while I'm in spoonie fatigue mode. I'm not thinking and talking out loud very well this morning.

This is really easy on the brain.