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Friday, January 6, 2017

Pinky Robot isn't that kind of robot

coconut meringue, toasted like a giant marshmallow

The throbbing headache is finally gone, sure hope it stays that way. Although I usually blame not being able to move around for pain that bad, I was surprised to find during a quick search that radioactive dye can also lend to some pretty rough joint pain. My worst 'joint' is C1, so maybe it was affected.

Coming off that amount of pain sometimes leaves me a bit disenchanted, even if I'm actually feeling way better. I guess old brain chemicals are still seeping out the ol' coils after percolating around the pain. I'm ticked 50 different ways over nothing, and not even coffee is helping. I'd also considered part of the headache might be caffeine withdrawal since I cut my coffee in half this last week, but the headache was gone before the first coffee of the day, so maybe not.

Woops, said that all too soon. I had to get up from here because a pull in my back set the throb off again. So, super fibro flare it is. It's ok though, moving around helped immediately. My physical therapy training wasn't wasted.

Insert: I'm glad I cut my own hair. I have an awesome shag and my bedhead looks fantastic.

I got this email alert last night. Since I don't have an account with these guys, and since they handed me a password, you know all my cat toy alerts went off.

A quick search on that dot-org pulled this forum thread up. "I am planning for massive web spam and want to make sure my assets are safe." Um... So I looked at home page. My favest thread title is "100% Content Automation [Looks Human-Written & Passes Copyscape] intelligent software". I just lol'd. omg, there is so much crap out there. The whole world is fake and everyone's making money on it. Plastic all around us, all methaphors included.

Compared to THAT, statcounter is like sucking on a sugar cube, there's just no nutritional value whatsoever. I've been playing nice with my trackers. I put a harder hitting tracker on for about a week maybe what, a year ago? And I couldn't hide it and IPs shot out of it like neon for everyone to see, so I removed it. I could piddle around in the darker recesses but they'd want more money than statcounter ever got out of me, so I'm this close to just letting that go and flying blind for awhile. Numbers jump and drop and I can pretty much see certain percentages of incoming staying steady over time, app bugs poking around not really making a dent in the actual load numbers, and real time hits from link shares have been surprising successful, so I guess it's a matter of letting go of an obsessive tic on my end. Checking stats is like people checking social media on dinner dates, it's a bit repulsive if it's automatic. So I'm going to start practicing NOT looking. Statcounter expires in March, and then I might just delete it. All the info I might want to save can easily be copy/pasted or screen shot.

As for that dot-org busting into my email trying to tell me what to do, that was a blatant invitation to surf the outer edges of wide out in the open doorway to darker webs, and personally, it feels like a foolish move. Flies going in get eaten by spiders (spydars), and they have nothing I want. There's no fun in making fake content for fake readers, I don't care if it makes me a jillionaire. I cherish one real reader at a time making their way through real content because it touches something personal.

Yesterday was a small venison roast. I think today I might look into shrimp with some kind of homemade Mexican rice or something. I've got a tomato, a bit of bell pepper, and a few olives. Just remembered I also have some taco meat frozen back. Who knows how far this could go.

All the rest would be awesome falling back into place- Bunny back in daycare, @bonenado back at work, getting all our $$ sorted for taxes- but *boop* the heater blower blew out in Scott's car and just missed warranty by that much, so here we go, it's below freezing around the clock and time to scrape up some money. It wouldn't feel right if something wasn't going wrong, would it? Thankfully, he can take my car.

It's all good.

Oh, forgot to mention my mixer nearly caught on fire making that meringue yesterday, so now I'm looking at mixers.