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Friday, July 8, 2016

alienating readers and stuff, like you do

This is one of my rare (increasingly becoming semi-rare, sorry about that) political posts. If you're not in the mood, now is a good time to move along. If you are in the mood for some gristle to gnaw, here you go. Have fun.

Spoiler alert for a Game of Thrones reference. If you're not caught up, stop reading when you get to "Game of Thrones, guys."

I tend to steer clear of this stuff, but quick paragraph first thing. I'm not sure what's going on with cops in the media, but some of these boys in blue are reminding me of a few boys I went to school with who laughed about torturing cats. We have a very ugly true story around here of a young man who was heavily tased without provocation, and please note he's white.
Police Taser boy with broken back 19 times
police stun teenager 19 times

I live in a historically tense area.

Ozarkopathy- MO is the meth buckle of the bible belt.
Historical hanging marker- Following the Civil War the Baldknobbers originated as a law and order group to combat lawlessness (movie info)
Before Ferguson- (1906) The National Guard was eventually brought in to restore order and Springfield was placed under martial law

And that was just the very brief basics.

I live in a nice neighborhood that includes very patriotic people who've retired from good jobs in other states, and that didn't stop one of them from creating a meth house just up the street from me. The region I live in is famous for missing persons and disappearing from the law, along with one of the biggest 'military bunker' house projects in the United States (it's impressive), and we're central hub for underground fallout (see video mentioning ozarks- my dad has driven down there in a truck, it's real).
Feast Your Eyes: Kraft's Massive Underground Cheese Cave in Springfield, Missouri
Deep Underground Food Storage Facilities (read the comments, these aren't a big secret around here)

That was a mindset preparation. Now let's leap to bigger picture. Please keep in mind I'm skilled from youth (thanx, Dad) at playing devil's advocate and discussing end game. If you do not understand this very objective point of view, you're going to miss what I'm saying. Just a heads up there.

I've said a few times that the transition to world citizenship will be a bumpy ride. You want truly equal rights and human dignity? Protests are only going to fuel the flames to national military/martial law, and I suspect protests are being provoked, used, and even guided toward this purpose. Without nationally unified codification and supplementation, how can we expect nationally unified behavior from our law enforcement? If we cannot police ourselves properly, how can we expect to police the world? Because it's eventually going to boil down to who owns the world police. We're in a very serious race against time to establish what a world government will look like. Some of you don't like this idea, but I'm sorry, while sit outs and peace rallies might heal the world's soul (and I personally would love that more than anything), the hard truth is that people around the world are still out there dying for survival and beliefs and hopes because they don't have the first world problems some of us take for granted. I'm not a big Vlad fan, but Putin really does say it best- Putin LOSES IT, Warns Journalists of War: 'I Don't Know How to Get Through to You People'

Nations won't be able to remain autonomous for very much longer without plugging into the world economy, and they say who owns the food owns the world. International buyouts and restructuring have been keeping up with globalization because if they don't, they get bumped out of the game. It's not just about controlling populace, it's about distribution, livability, education, medical access. You guys want these things for the whole world? Some people don't, and they are working very hard to stop it. Those trying to stop the globalization process have been nuclear weapons testing big time over the last ten years, and you guys need to be aware that all it will take is one dirty nuke going off at a certain altitude to shut half the national grid down.

Keep one eye on the bigger picture. All the little wars are part of the big war that's been going on for a thousand years. Yes, this very much goes back to the crusades. What was that war about? World domination. Not even atheism is going to save us from the waves of escalation that keep happening. Putin knows why the U.S. is doing what it's doing, and he doesn't approve, but neither does he approve of anyone else with the same agenda. He wants nations to remain autonomous, and he's doing his best to keep globalization from taking over that autonomy. He's caught in the middle. Russia has historically tried to squelch the religious wars, to the point of renaming cities and giving people new surnames, so it's not all Vlad, is it? It's an ideology, the truest separation (or purest integration) of church and state, one that doesn't want to be on either side in the ongoing crusades, and they really have tried everything to stop it. Not saying I condone this, but neither do I condone the rest of the world. (I know this is a very simplistic way of visualizing it, but bear with me.)

Americans tend to forget (or not notice) that other countries have some very real problems in their own backyards. We take our nationalism for granted because we are such a big nation. We think our government is out to 'get us' while we don't see them playing the bigger game, which is winning the world. I'm not saying I'm for or against anyone running for office, that whole thing is just a charade. There are no sides. Anyone still believing there are sides are failing to notice they continually keep implementing and progressing each other's plans all along.

What is the point of exposing world players like Soros and the Rothchilds (and beyond) and then stooping to taking sides again? As if it mattered. What do you think is really going on?

Game of Thrones, guys. Apply what you are learning on TV to real time thinking. You may not be a political science buff, you may not know that much about human history or what the word sociology even means and why the words 'national security' are bantered around so prolifically in the entertainment world, and none of that may even matter as long as you keep your heads down living your lives. Just don't be stupid and be the people standing around in the Sept of Baelor when Cersei blows it up, right?

All that aside, I believe very strongly in right and wrong, and yes, there are sides. If you are a spouse or child abuser behind advocating for either right of left wing justice, you're an asshole. If you are causing problems in your neighborhood over lawns and pets and other people's kids behind advocating for right or left wing justice, you're an asshole. If you are selling drugs on the side, cheating on your significant other, or gambling away your family's expenses behind advocating for right or left wing justice, you're an asshole. If you are supporting the porn industry believing that paid sex is a life choice for drugged up underaged people behind advocating right or left wing justice, you are an asshole.

You get the picture. The side you're on is about YOU, not them. It won't matter who gains world control if we're all assholes. You want rape and murder and people being beaten up to stop? Someone's gotta make them stop, and sorry guys, it's not DC or Marvel. There is going to be corruption in every institution humans have ever made, from churches to courts of law. The world is headed toward international law now, and I'm personally pulling for the guys who promote human dignity and protection from harm, REGARDLESS. But in order for that to happen, we have to become world citizens, and we can't do that until someone wins the big game.
Member states of the United Nations

What the U.S. is doing in the United Nations
- "In the US, complaints about the UN surface regularly in the domestic mainstream media. Some critics who oppose international constraints on US foreign policy contend that the US should withdraw from the UN, claiming that the United States is better equipped to manage the global order unilaterally. More frequently, critics argue that the UN should be reformed to bring it more in line with US policy and leadership."

So... managing global order. I seriously doubt opinionating over internal left and right politics is going to change our world strategy at any given point either now or in the future. The people running the U.S. govt worked HARD to get here, you really think your votes are going to stop any of this from happening? North Korea thinks they can keep it at bay, but we all know how disastrous that would be.

It's here. All the stuff that we have feared for decades is already here. Nothing stopped it. Nothing has changed it from coming. It's on schedule, and it's got an agenda. This plan has been worked on by loads of people in high places for a very long time. The question now is- who is going to win global dominance? Because there are a few players out there who still think they can take it, and they're working very hard on it. It's not about blaming our neighbors for having different belief systems, it's about governments using belief systems to control people. It's about waking up and seeing the bigger picture. It's about a whole lot of people being paid in media to filter and feed what goes into our heads so we won't look at the bigger picture, or so we'll think we're looking at it but it's very skewed so we'll react certain ways and then demand certain things that we'd have been against if we'd never had our chains yanked. How badly do you want the violence to stop? Ferguson was a trial run. I live in a test state. We are the beaker of civilization undergoing the dichotomy of doublethink.

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