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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jawn being strip searched just for using blogger

1 tbsp of my favorite chocolate chips has 70 calories. How many chips are in 1 tbsp??? And is that an ounce, or what?

Finally found an answer, from A Comprehensive Guide to Chocolate Conversions, Substitutions and Equivalents- "1 ounce semi-sweet chocolate (chips or square) = 3 tablespoons semi-sweet chocolate chips (or, 54 individual chips) - 1 ounce semi-sweet baking (chips or square) = 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder + 3 tablespoons sugar + 1 tablespoon butter, margarine or shortening"

And that's my foil in this calorie counting thing. I added roughly 210 calories before I went to bed last night. I've decided after this bag of chips is empty, NO MOAR.

The biggest challenges I'm running into with Windows 10 is that it runs more like mobile, and I'm having to cave to dowloading apps for things I normally pull up in search or have saved to desktop shortcuts. Jawn regularly gets into fights with Chrome and Facebook because W10 keeps making it difficult to interface them with my built in programs already running. I have no idea if I'll wind up having to allow Kaspersky to be the boss about how these apps will open once I have them loaded. All I know is that I better be as protected from the world as I am myself, because I can barely move on my own laptop without stringent profiling and interrogation.

STEP OUT OF THE KEYBOARD! What? SHOW ME YOUR ID! It's me, this is my computer. THAT WASN'T THE CORRECT PASSWORD, TRY AGAIN! But I'm already logged in... YOU CAN'T PROCEED WITHOUT AN SMS CODE. Seriously? I was *just working* there.

And then some of the sites start fighting back, because if it's going to be this way, forget playing nice, and they just fold their arms and legs and sit around the table with their noses in the air not cooperating. My pictures folder is getting really tired of being held hostage in corporate takeovers.

I *think* I just downloaded the Facebook app for Windows 10. Suddenly it was all instantaneous and not laborious at all, but I never got a confirmation that happened. We'll see how it goes.

this meme strangely links to all this in google search
(just scroll down)
Ok, things going on and what in the world am I doing with any kind of Plan?

  • I need 3 more dimes and 3 more pennies to make rolls. My monthly change haul is already nearly $40.
  • I have a beautiful new orange 32 GB Cruzer Glide to load junk over to once I'm done with stuff. Nope, still haven't found all my other flash drives. Yep, actually been excavating.
  • I'm really in an orange mood lately, I think it's because I'm ready for autumn. Did you see the size of those webs I posted to twitter? And they're just getting started. I live in Mirkwood.
  • I am actually working on real work. I know you guys laugh.
  • I've started a giant platform on MoCreatures. Lest any of ye protest that I'm on minecraft too much, my multiplayer was down for nearly 2 weeks, so nyahnyah. And 45 minutes working on a platform isn't being on minecraft all the time. Anyway, I had this idea for a cool scifi story years ago, and I'm actually building what it would look like (kinda). Anyway, the platform will be really big, like raising a town up on stilts. Underneath the platform is already very dangerous for really excellent bad guy spawns. I was killed by werewolves from hell yesterday, they set me on fire and everything, which is perfect because there is a nasty underground thing going on in my story. Up top I want to build with very expensive blocks, so I might need to extend town protection or something before I start on the buildings. It'll be like a swanky shopping plaza with a tram system, and since it's next to my evil lair, the tram will naturally run partially underneath the platform for a scary good time. This could possibly take months...

In other news, @bonenado has been checking out a cricket powered bugracer for Bunny (cricket not included, lol). No idea yet if we'll actually get it.

Massive software update came through on my phone, took forever, so I just shut down and went back to bed. Waking up a second time and no coffee is a bummer, threw my whole morning off, so even though I'm dressed and functional, I feel out of kilter and weird, like I didn't do it right.

Here is the hair regrowth I brought up a few days ago. See that little piece sticking out in the ponytail? It's not break off or from being cut. I regularly regrow patches like chickens do (many chicken breeds will partial molt year round like wild birds), which is actually a really good sign after all the crap I've been through. I'm back on more meds now, so I'll be watching this like a hawk. I've seen loads of forums of people complaining about hair loss after med changes. I still think it's related to diabetes and not getting enough protein, like the body has to prioritize what's more important for protein allocation when the diet is too carby in a dsyfunctional metabolism. All it takes is a med change to throw a fluid balance off and there you go, a cascade of systems readjusting, starting with liver and kidneys because they're the ones that filter the meds. The healthier you can keep your liver and kidneys, the more protein you'll have left for hair growth. Doctors don't have time to asplain this stuff, nutritionists aren't certified to actually say it like this, nurses are simply just run to half to death, and the 'official' diabetes groups are being funded by people who don't want you to know this (seriously- American Diabetes Association receives millions each year from junk food companies, candy manufacturers and pharmaceutical firms). When I was my sickest and most immobile, I was on handfuls of meds and my diet was atrocious. Pills don't save you from a junky diet. They only give you a sense of controlling the downhill slide by slowing it down a little bit.

"The ADA's advice to diabetics is that they can keep eating all the ice cream, sweets and soft drinks they want, as long as they control their blood sugar with pharmaceuticals," Adams said. "It's medically absurd. Diabetics need to eliminate liquid sugars and refined carbohydrates from their diets for life, and in doing so, many of them would find their diabetes disappearing."

I have never bought that guy's book, but I did my own research and figured it out myself, and then almost literally came back from the dead, as it were. You can read more about his approach here. Not being paid to link that.

I think the most important part of this is that patients are told they are 'borderline' when they are already very sick. My ketones were noted 3 years before my diagnosis. The borderline level is (likely, in my opinion) set by pharmaceutical companies, because the second you hit that 126 and cross into diagnosis, you get meds, and by then it's too late, the meds don't keep it from progressing. You just simply live in a controlled state the rest of your life as you slide downhill into old age. They compound it with advocating a very high amount of carbs as being part of a healthy diet in a body that can't properly process carbs, and that keeps you on meds so it won't kill you outright. Carbs are really big business. Think about it sometime.

Some of us are very lucky and don't tolerate meds. Some of us are forced to get healthy on our own if we want to live badly enough. My health was so bad that I couldn't walk through a store or even get in and out of a shower by myself. Diabetes was taking me down hard and fast, and there was only one way to save myself- stop consuming stuff my body can't digest properly. No more sweet tea, no more big breakfasts full of pancakes and waffles and french toast, no more giant servings of rice and potatoes and pasta in restaurants, no more cake and ice cream and pie on holidays. No. More. Cookies. Yes, it's very hard. If you have diabetes (borderline or full blown) or even insulin resistance, your body thinks it needs sweets because the sweet-o-meter is broken (starches count for sweets in the body, you'll crave bread, too), and every two hours that alarm goes off screaming we need carbs or we'll die, and you really can't help it, you've gotta do something or go crazy. The ONLY way to turn that off is to stop the cycle. Proteins and healthy fats, leafy and cruciferous veg, berries and nuts, foods low in starches and sugars. I lost 50 pounds in 4 months barely even trying, and then I felt so much better that I started exercising. I regained my abilities for self care at home and shopping for myself around town. It was wonderful getting those back.

Not everyone loses a leg or goes blind before diabetes kills them. My mom died from lots and lots of strokes, and on the outside you couldn't tell she was diabetic. She got skinny for awhile, seemed to have lots of energy, and didn't look unhealthy for a woman her age. At home we knew she suffered- her feet were going numb, it was getting harder and harder for her to walk to the mailbox because she'd be out of breath and fatigued, and she finally started losing her strength as muscles started wasting. You don't have to be fat to have diabetes.

Sorry this turned into a big long thing. I know it seems like I embellish a bit when I mention once in awhile fighting to live every day, but with all the stuff I've got stacked up on me, I'm fortunate to still be here, and I'll be very fortunate to make it as long as my mom did. I'm doing everything I can every single day to reach that goal.

I really need to let go of the chocolate chips...

And I really need to get off this post and get moving around.

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