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Saturday, July 2, 2016

staying positive through the negative


I'm so bubbly full of wordy words this morning that I'm feeling impatient. Too bad I can't just press my head to the screen and think it out to here. #waitingforthebrainchip

First of all, yes, really had a mountain lion ON MY STREET IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE this week. You twitter people ignoring that are just jealous as hell, that's all. @bonenado set up the wildlife cam in the front yard hoping we'll get a repeat sometime this summer. I think all the fireworks going off night after night flushed it out. I live among the slightly better off and extremely patriotic. It's their right and duty as 'Muricans to try to burn these woods down.

@bonenado's brexbist today. Remember that speed vine I retweeted a couple times? That. It works. I need to refresh my muffin tins, though. Using paper cups wasn't ideal.

My internet is slooooow. Wild storms galore, tree down next door, got lots of hail in the pour, now I stay in my door. Ok, let's skip along before I spring into limericks and haikus.

Quickie touch base assessment on howzit going. Cut another 2 inches off my hair this morning. I had cut 3 inches last week or so, couldn't tell because my hair has gotten so long, so I figured another 2 inches would be ok. I can't believe I've taken 5 inches off now and it's still down to my lower shoulder blades. Remember when I got so excited 3 years ago that it was growing back? And then I talked about dealing with all that, and then brought it up again in 2015. Despite the length, I've been losing hair steadily again all spring, but as far as I can tell, it's root regrowth. Hair grows in cycles and people generally don't notice randomly shedding hair and regrowing it year round because it's usually thick enough not to create empty patches. My hair didn't start growing back in until I pretty much doubled my protein intake (sometimes triple, my pre-lifestyle change diet was pretty abysmal), and now I can tell it ebbs and flows when my body is under stress. April was the hardest on my hair this year, and it's starting up again, so allergy seasons and spiking histamine levels definitely affect my hair endurance, which for me means inflammation levels.

I have been tolerating increasing sinus and ear pressure discomfort for a couple of weeks again, decided last night it's time to go back to the twice a day zyrtec, and all it took was that one boost to drain my sinus and clear my skin again just overnight. I come from very white yet red skinned people, and I've lived with an autoimmune flush most of my adult life. When I take prednisone I turn white like magic, and that one zyrtec last night did the same thing. I got whiter through the spring again while I was so miserable with tree pollen but on all that extra zyrtec, and as I tapered down again the last 6 weeks, I flushed up again.

I looked back through my medical history this week, noting dates on certain tests. I used to regularly score 1:16 on ANA titers (positive speckle) (I hit 1:32 years ago and even 1:64 once) and lived with continual moderate SEDs for years (mostly 40-80ish), but we've watched that go away the last couple of years, so I've been negative ANA and normal SEDs for 2 full years now, yay!!! Interestingly, this coincides with getting very stringent with my antihistamines. I started noticing over the last 3-4 years that histamine spikes set off fibro and autoimmune flush flares, but it's getting so obvious now that I'm able to control severity somewhat with diet and antihistamines (and I've had definite input on this from a real allergist, who called it an autoimmune reaction disorder).

I have no idea if this will help other people. I'm NOT saying antihistamines cure lupus, just like changing your diet does NOT cure diabetes. I'm just saying I'm noticing that I seem to have some control over the overall tissue response. I've had other tests scary-spike, like C reactive protein the year I had to be crashed off 2 different hormone therapies, or AST and ALT liver enzymes during steady medication years, and antihistamines don't fix any of that, so don't be dumb, ok? Just saying I'm noticing a correlation between a more rigorous antihistamine regime and autoimmune flush lightening up. You still have to take care of yourself.

Pain, on the other hand, has been off the wall again this month, pretty sure it's mostly weather related. The morphine helped knock it down last weekend but it's a fair bet it made the 'never do again' list after the difficulty I had with it, and then I ground down on daily mobic this week to keep the pain level down a little bit more, but it's just not enough to stop it. I felt great going into the chiropractor a couple mornings ago, but a very sudden wild pop up rained like a lake dumped all over us while I was in there, and I almost limped out of there feeling so rotten all over. I can't take air pressure changes, especially hard and fast, it just destroys me and there's no pain medication or treatment in the world that can stop it from happening. And I noticed last night that I'm seeing phantom light flashes in the dark again, which means I hafta back off on the mobic again before I start seeing auras. Mobic raises blood pressure in the brain and puts pressure on optic nerves, so I normally take it every other day, but this last week has been daily. Doesn't take much of that stuff to do me dirty.

Ok, I'm done with that part. Aren't you glad I don't go on about this every day? I'm just thrilled that I'm not popping into ER every other month nowadays. I've been very lucky that I've never yet been hospitalized, but it's because I obsessively pay attention to patterns over time, like I do with everything in my life.

Enough of that. Back to minecraft! This is an undisclosed location on Kai's realm. I'd never used brick before. It's a special coordinate combo using my fave number, so I planted roots there.

And it happens to be fairly near an uber giant mushroom! That realm is still survival (although I play creative more and more there lately so creepers won't activate), so I'm in process of establishing self proclaimed boundaries and I'm going to light that forest up like crazy and fence it off. Maybe I can make it look elvish or Hobbity or something. Incidentally, I've never run across so many naturally occurring giant mushroom roofed forests as in Kai's realm.

I got 4 hours of sleep last night, so I'm not sure how the rest of the day will pan out. I've actually been up doing random stuff for 7 hours already. I've got cool stuff going in my own new realm, but no pix yet and I'll put them on their own blog later. Getting Bunny pix in from a water park, maybe I'll share them later.

I'm on the verge of taking my mouse apart because that button is sticking so bad now that I lost whole sections of this just hovering over. Little sticky hands, my bad. I'm lucky Jawn's keyboard is still fairly free of problems, although he stopped going full shut down because someone changed a setting somehow. As long as the internet isn't erased, we're cool, but maybe the sticky police need to pay more attention to the tech.

I need to get moving.

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