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Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday escapism

To people with big money, the real world is like minecraft.

this click is not an endorsement for a candidate
There are tons of different kinds of minecraft servers with different ways of playing multiplayer. The multiplayer I joined has a towny plugin.

"Towny is a versatile, player-controlled land management plugin for use with Bukkit/Tekkit/Spigot/Libigot. Towny offers solutions for pvp, griefing, chat, inflated economies and monsters to minecraft server admins. Towny allows players to work together and against each other as they see fit. Find here the best Minecraft Towny servers."

My crew is a bit busy and scattered, ok, one abandoned the server for WoW, but I'm hoping to be learning more about running a town in August. I'm a vip in Rivyndell, but I don't know what all that means yet. I'm looking into it.
Guide to Starting and Maintaining a Successful Town
Editson’s Guide To Towny Perms

A word about real life politics- If you guys think it's too much work to learn minecraft township code, then you really need to calm down a bit about political leaders. They have a LOT of stuff going on, and all the public hype is just that, hype to keep people wound up, because if they didn't, we'd all be passive mobs like the cows in minecraft, following players around for hay and then walking off when there isn't any. (I just made a sideways statement about the un-hyped proles being smart AIs.)

Staying sane through the weekend involved more tweaking on a village I had lit up and then lost track of about 6 weeks ago and then accidentally found again during a flyover. It had already been ransacked, and the nearly buried desert temple a ways off had already been pillaged, but this location is fantastic and everything still nearly all intact, so of course I went about replanting the gardens and fencing out the mobs. I had previously agonized over saving a desert village in singleplayer survival (details at StarrStrukk) and later in multiplayer (villagers still around, too, huzzah!), so I used this opportunity to play with more greenway landscaping and town beautification. Of all the things I do on minecraft, aside from tunneling, I seem really drawn to fixing villages.

This was early on. This is in multiplayer, so I mark wherever I've been in case of griefing since I don't pay for the land ownership protection in some areas. I can't really stop anyone, but it's there for other players to enjoy if they want to.

Several weeks ago (couple of months?) an admin tossed 42 blocks of turfed dirt blocks at me for some unknown reason and I just tucked them away in a chest with no idea what to do with them. Well, this weekend I remembered them and had a ball. Turfed dirt blocks (can be harvested only with silk touch pick axe) will help spread grass to other dirt blocks around them, which is very convenient. If I wanted to, I could replace all the sand in the town with dirt and eventually have grass all over, but for now, I like this 'greenway' effect.

That light in the distance is the buried desert temple. I'm thinking about fencing around it and plowing all the sand out, make it look a bit more metro.

I always light my rooftops everywhere I go. I've had aggressive mobs drop on me out of the blue off rooftops so many times, so lighting up the place keeps them from spawning inside the village. Also, it looks really cool during flyovers.

See that well down there? That's about the only way you can keep anything that moves from drowning in the well. Knock a wall out and put a dirt block up for leverage. I drowned in that well yesterday trying to get a cow out. It was very deep. When I respawned and went back I had to sink to the bottom to recover all my stuff before I swam back up and got out.

I love birch trees being so easy. I couldn't believe this worked out so well.

I'm also getting the hang of melons and pumpkins. I've mostly been ignoring them, but they're neat to have around.

This vid got a little long, but I was waiting for dawn to watch the werewolf turn back into a guy. You can see how nice using glass blocks is as a mob protection, most of them can't get over and you can still see what's going on out there. I also love taunting aggressive mobs.

You guys know I'm all over the Benny C at SDCC vids. I'll leave a couple here for you.

Oh, and before I go. Yes, this happened. Most of you have no idea I really do hope to be book signing at SDCC sometime in my life (yes, hopefully because of Lexx and other stuff). (Several other Lexx fans have published already, very cool.) It's a bucket list item that I've never said anywhere before, so there you go. It's really hard maintaining positivity (take the test) in the face of challenges like mine, but it's a thing I do hold onto as something to hopefully keep me moving forward. Clicks out to original convo. I've been very thrilled and fortunate watching Ellen thrive, and I'm so happy for her, and especially that someone LEXX is really making it out there.

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