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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

leveling up on junkie

My morning so far, lol.

Ok, yesterday was a challenge. I put someone I love through the same stuff I put tech support through, so I'm still coming off that feeling facepalmy and wtf-ish, because even though I know I'm like this, I still can't believe how truly difficult it is to talk through a tech issue without meltdowns. I had to walk off twice. I don't know what it is about tech talk, but I get caught in logic loops over word definitions and it takes a truckload of trust to get me to push a single button. I'm like loading a spooked horse onto a trailer, srsly.

Basically, my forge crashed and I have no MoCreatures until I get that reloaded. I can still play singleplayer and realm, just not multiplayer. In order to figure out if I was clear of the old stuff I was trying to wipe out, I had to keep creating new worlds to see if they'd load properly (they didn't), and I finally discovered another copy of all the things in a completely different area. Thanx, Windows 10, very thorough of you, and I'm keen on the phrase 'in triplicate', so I'll call that fun instead of a real drag. Anyway, since I switched back to regular profile, I can open all those new worlds just fine, and this is from a super flat one I named 'super stupid'. I think that was the seed I put in and everything. (I seeded another one called 'omgthissux' that turned out pretty awesome, in case you want to try that, but this pic is from 'super stupid'.)

Ok, because I piddled around in there yesterday while I was blowing off all that aspienado meltdown steam, I finally learned to turn gardens into greenhouses. There is no other way to stop the slimes from destroying the gardens. I tried triple fencing, loading up blocks with anything opaque, didn't matter, I got everything from rabbit size to giant monster size slime blocks bouncing around killing all the veg and wheat. Yes, I know, I made nearly 20 golems, and those idiots, while useful to some extent, tend to congregate like coworkers on the clock and waste time hanging out together in aisles where they think no one will see them, and I even caught two different groups of them just twirling away, showing each other their dance moves while slimes bounced all around them.

Anyway, if you play flat and wanna save your gardens, I KNOW HOW NOW. It's simple and quick and genius, at least that I know of so far. I tried to lure a slime my way and it hasn't worked yet. If worse comes to worse, I'll stick a golem in my greenhouse.

:edit: I just found this, you can kill ALL SLIMES super fast if you paste this in /kill @e[type=Slime] BUT you have to do it over and over because the large slime die and leave lots of little slimes for several generations. Also, it doesn't stop them spawning again, just gives you a very quick breather if you're in the middle of something. You're welcome.

So last week I was thinking about talking to my doctor about an opiate burst for really rough weeks. After a bit of reading I've decided that would be bad, based on my obvious protracted withdrawal response to the morphine shot I got the week before. I'll just leave my reading trail here for others who might be dealing with opiate addictions and withdrawals. I've talked about addiction history, starting from birth, and my long nightmare with sanctioned meds, so no need to drag all that out again.

Long Term Effects of Opiate Use
How to Isolate and Treat Protracted Withdrawal Symptoms
Post Acute Withdrawal (PAW)
Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms- Relapse Prevention Strategies
Our Brain on Opiates (The Broken Brain)

Yeah, I really can't go back there. I'm only 3 years out from cleaning off 2 decades of vicodin, and they're saying some long-time users experience protracted withdrawal symptoms off that stuff for 10 years. This is my spoonie life. On top of all the hard stuff I deal with anyway, on top of all that filtering through an aspienado brain, I must also keep dealing with the fact that I'm an addict and the wrong medications (which is most of them) will only make my life worse again. To say that I've had a rough spring really is putting it mildly, but the last thing I want to do is drag myself down talking about the junky crap I'm distracting myself from, right?

I'm still a useful human being. I'm still choosing physical and psychological health over self pity. I still believe kindness is logical, and that I'm here to make things better for other people.

I also need to get some laundry and dishes done now. Laterz.

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