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Saturday, July 9, 2016

say it now

You guys didn't see me mildly sweating it all week when my multiplayer crashed. I finally got back on yesterday, and *bam* my trees had grown around my outdoor brunch nook in the clouds.

Here comes the sunrise and a big cloud. I love it up here. No bugs, no traffic noise...

And that's how you start a weekend, guys.

Ok, back to the jungle proper.

Tiny secrets gardens are the best.

Back in the treehouse. Kai hasn't been around that much, so I took it upon myself to start decorating a little. Wouldn't it be cool to enjoy a meal like this in real life? The view and ambiance are fantastic.

That map is a real thing, how our area looks from above.

Sunset over the jungle deck. I need to make a lawn chair.

In between trying to figure out my multiplayer launch problem, I dinked around in singleplayer and started building a big house over a tarantula ranch on a mesa world.

I have discovered the joys of trying to plunge through a wall made of sticky webs.

My babies.

I honestly haven't been on minecraft that much all week, these were fleeting test moments making sure stuff was working.

Had immediate positive results switching the calcium channel blocker out, the SVT breakouts stopped. My blood pressure has dropped even more though, 109/67 yesterday, so I need to keep an eye on it. Also noticed my brain stayed on all day yesterday, got lots of stuff done around the house.

Starting the neurontin today with Scott home. I remember I loved lyrica that first week, it was the bomb, but by the end of the week that 'crazy' button went off and got pretty scary (a friend let me know it sounded like a mild acid trip) (I was in traffic), so I sent a touch base note off to my psychiatrist in case I need to be med-monitored. I am NOT looking forward to the possible drowsiness effect, but hopefully it will help with the electric shocks and weird tingly pinchy stuff.

All the things.

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