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Monday, July 18, 2016

hi, loser =)

 photo fruitgoe.bmp Calories are so weird on these meds. My body naturally wants to stay in the 1600-1800 range, I'm trying to cut off at 1500, but we've got a happy medium around pork for some reason. I can eat a few extra pork calories and lose a little. That didn't happen with the filet mignon the night before. Weird.

 photo annoycra.gif Day 10 on neurontin. I'll probably stop counting around the 2 week mark. I seem to be holding around 7 hours of sleep a night and waking up pretty good. So far no other really bothersome symptoms besides all that drowsiness. Yesterday was an exception. @bonenado was off too, so who knows, maybe the heat moving back in, maybe a little virus, limp noodles draped across furniture kind of day.

 photo hiloser.bmp Bunny bomb countdown! Big birthday sleepover on Friday. She missed being born on @bonenado's birthday by 4 days.

 photo yabloswo.gif Minecraft- really wish I'd had the vid running when super lag hit and I stood around under a tree, and alla sudden everything was like fast forward and a witch came up in right in my face poisoning me over and over in high speed till I DIED. Wouldn't it be awesome to see something like that on a scifi show? Like, you go to another planet, there are time jags, you never know when you'll walk into a time pit, and once you're in one you can't see stuff going on outside of it, and next thing you know, *bam*, stuff happened. (I'm actually working on a story like this, might hafta make it public or something because I'm not sure that one will ever get off the ground into actual book.) (This whole idea of mine is at least 10 years old, I'm really surprised no one else has ever filmed anything like it. Nearly every day I obsess over this story idea.)

 photo evilcat.gif Wow, I didn't even know I had an evil pink cat in my photobucket library. Awesome.

 photo coffeemote.gif For everyone who's given up on me- I know most of you out there that I 'work' with likely are very busy and don't even read my blog, but I'm still in the arena for let's see what happens.

 photo 35pepperman.gif TODAY. Rugs in the washer, enchilada soup for supper.

 photo clicks2.jpg THIS WEEK. Steam mop the kitchen floor, deep clean bathrooms, find my little dinette table... Jawn has stuff piled up around him like he's hiding in a little table cave or something.

 photo bunnypink.gif p.s. This one's for Bunny. She loves saying butt for some reason, thinks it's hilarious.

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