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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


That's right, I caved out in the middle of the 12 Monkeys season cliffhanger live tweet. Got schooled a little, but sometimes 1- appreciating real art takes precedence over broadcasting, and 2- omg my nerves were ringing all over my body. Maybe I'm getting the real splinter experience or something. That's a joke, in case you don't know about the light syncing app.

If I wanna keep up with Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens live tweet, I'm going to have to make sure I'm READY so I won't wimp out. (That link I just linked is a COOL website, you really need to go there if you haven't checked out the official Sharknado 4 site yet.)

I dunno if anyone else does this, but I'm always smashing shows in my head. Like what if Sharknado and 12 Monkeys totally smashed, and Cole had to get through a real sharknado to find Dr. Railly, and the Red Forest was turning all the sharks into something weirder and I probably better stop before you guys figure out living in the Ozarks really does this to people's brains. By the way, I'm disappointed that Ozark Sharks (during Sharknado Week next week) wasn't actually filmed in the Ozarks. The Ozark Mountains don't officially include Louisiana, and neither does the entire Ozarks region, so I'm a little miffed. I think this is where Lisa Marie Bowman would make a funny joke about filming location, but I'm not feeling that witty atm. You can read all her reviews at Through the Shattered Lens.

I still have a bit left to do over the next couple of days around the house. Got a partial jump on some of the chores yesterday, was a fantastic morning. Really hope that happens again this morning. I think it helped to go back to some friends' RP forum and be able to work on catching up on breaks instead of winding up in minecraft. (I'm tellin ya, there are private RP forms out there better than reading books, all you guys who never jumped into that kind of stuff over the last however many years the internet has been around.) Thursday is psyche guy and picking up groceries in a heat index, and Friday is go time for Bunny bomb, so it's all about today and tomorrow. I have heat warnings on a couple meds, so I'll have to pay attention.

@bonenado has been taking the CRV to work all week because AC in the pickup is shot, so he'll be stuck in the heat Thursday and Friday. I told him he probably has Pokemon all around him at work and just can't see them. Probably not a good thing to be looking for Pokemon around industrial equipment anyway.

click for more Pokemon memes
Pinky Robot needs go music. Let's get some Bunny Rabbit for my Bunny bomb coming up.

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