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Monday, July 11, 2016

ripped in pink

Day 3, and the most delightful side effect is being a mild appetite suppressant, yay!

I boofed a payment. Meant to switch it out to a different method, missed the charge date, oh well. It's fixed now. I really need to make a special spiral with my annual and semi-annual charges listed in it by date. Email reminders apparently don't get my attention.

I want these sunglasses, on my minecraft dolly if nothing else. They've got a whole page of cool round styles, but I think it's this one. Not paid to link this.

I've got most of the rest of this month 'off'. As long as I don't wind up having a reaction to this med, I can blissfully stay home a lot more now and get a routine organized again. I already started excavation over the weekend, and @bonenado got so excited (he was bored, the lawn was all mowed and there was nothing to do right then) that he started going through the cabinets and tossing expired junk, like marshmallow creme. All the things we used to eat and don't any more, all the money we're saving not buying sugar and all the things with sugar in them, all the old expired cereals and other starches (wow, he even threw the chocolate Malt-O-Meal away, I was shocked), all of that went into the trash. It's been 5 years since I switched to paleo, but it's been like pulling teeth switching him, even though he finally got his own diabetes diagnosis, but we're getting close now to final purge, I think. I told him I'll make one more batch of homemade ice cream because I have the stuff for it, and then that's it. I'm tired of feeling gross and backpedaling every time he's got junk sitting around that I wind up nibbling on.

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Last night I told him I'm getting ripped like Madonna and he laughed his head off. I said ok, I'm getting ripped like Lucy Liu (he loves her), so I looked her up and she's only 5'3", he could hardly believe it. I'm an inch taller than she is, so when I was skinny in my 20's, that's how I looked. Except back then I was plunging into the pre-diagnosed autoimmune era, so I never really got to enjoy being skinny.

I wouldn't mind a new lifestyle. I need to stay focused on what I want bad enough to get some stuff done.

When you're more famous for meeting Ben than winning the Wimbledon...

Let's just go out with the #bencongruity.

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