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Friday, July 29, 2016

natural contouring

singleplayer experimentation
The water thing seems to be working. Stringently paying more attention to hydration, can see veins showing up, yay! Incidental minorish problems on the side may have been related to chronic dehydration, as well, like the sudden surge in stomach spasms, which was both annoying and unnerving. Hydration cures so much stuff.

Also, even though I think I feel stiff (probably from laying around all week), chiro has said twice now that he thinks I adjust more easily on neurontin. He saw me first and third weeks into it. He's known me since 2007, has seen how all the things affect me. Severe fibro does NOT make chiro adjustments easy for either of us, so him saying that is a big deal. Remember, this is the guy who spent 3 months helping me be able to walk again after a hellish summer of internal disc disruption and several years of very cautious neck work for severe headaches before ASTYM shred in physical therapy plowed out all that thick scar tissue. (Years of nasty headaches are gone now.)

I've always wanted to try building around natural flooring and elevation contours
It's more fun when you jack up the ore spawn settings
Whatever anxiety spiked up earlier this week seems to not be repeating, so now I'm wondering how sensitive I might be to coffee on the med changes, because I had 3 cups that morning. There is actually a coffee notation on one of them. "Caffeine can increase the side effects of this medicine."
7 Reasons You’re So Sensitive To Caffeine
Foods to Avoid While Taking Neurontin
15 Links Between Caffeine and Anxiety

I love coffee. In the old days I drank it by the pot, usually nowadays it's 2-4 cups a day, and lately only 2. Like everything else I've ever been on, I am a true coffee addict and went through complete withdrawal twice in the last 20 years. If I want to retain my morning coffee, I need to be smart about it on a med that strongly affects the brain and nervous system, as does coffee.

All this only took minutes, might be what I work on today between chores
Kinda feeling like I'm snapping slowly back out of the super funk, better get on the laundry and dishes today. Did double cooking yesterday, so plenty of meatloaf and mash tatos, plus I'm doing a pot of little chickens today making stock. Need to get on my monthly money and calendar sync. After all that yap surge yesterday, I'm feeling quiet, so sari nari, bambino amigos. Here, have some agonizing subtext.

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