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Thursday, July 21, 2016

aspienado on facebook

Bluejacky is back, and I finally nabbed aspienado in a FB address.

Bunny bomb is almost imminent.

My niece just intro'd me to Notepad++. I'm understandably very excited.

I see psyche guy today. I have no idea what we'll talk about. I seem to be dealing with all my stuff on Pinky blog lately. @bonenado has noticed I've become more intense on the neurontin, more brain energy available now that a significant portion of nerve chatter has been muffled. I hope it lasts.

Speaking of intense, yesterday turned into deep convo day with several key people in my life, and I noticed I was able to handle it sooooo much better on the neurontin, another reason I hope this med lasts with me. This is for both my kiddos and their kiddos, my niece, my Sam (everybody needs a Sam), my sisters, and my fave MIA who managed to throw a smiley at me, and especially @bonenado, who laughs with me every day even when it seems like everything is sucky hard. And all the rest of you, too. Please to have good days, because I love you. Yeah, it's the med, but I still mean it. (I actually told the nurse and doctor I loved them before and after colonoscopy one year, because I. love. everybody. on sedation.)

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