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Friday, July 1, 2016

we've got the blubes

Notes of interest-

I impulsively bought this body pillow and matching blanket yesterday. A very tall guy couldn't take his eyes off it in my cart and had to stop and ask where I found it, then had to share with me his struggle with watching TV in bed. I nearly asked him if he'd thought of just raising his TV up a bit, like mounting it on a wall or something, but the rest of my brain nearly smothered that part gagging me, so I escaped fairly quickly. Two aspies meeting in Walmart is worse than a time travel paradox. I've wound up in 1-2 hour convos like that.

I have 5 gallons of blueberries in my freezer. My sister had an awesome blueberry year, so we bought up to the leftovers to sell to Scott's coworker who makes yummy blueberry wine. We also have another gallon in the fridge for us. I'm really wanting to try making something like this, except ours would be regular juice. It clicks to a whole page of wine popsicle recipes.

this particular recipe is called
blueberry cabernet cheesecake popsicle
yes, click those words for the recipe

I could also try blueberry ice cream.

Our electricity was off half the night because of storms. I got video of the very mild beginning. Right after I got that, it dumped so hard that we couldn't hear the TV, and after that it turned into wind lashing and hail hitting all sides of the house, and finally losing electricity through the night after it blinking and surging for half an hour. I think I'm the 5th Snarkalec to lose electric just in the last week, so these storms have been fairly nationwide.

I finally started my own realm on minecraft that allows me to invite other players, which I'll talk about at StarrStrukk on pinkybluejacky. (I haven't written that yet.) It's private so people can only get on with invitations, so only people I've known for awhile (like Snarkalecs), and that way if we feel like actually touring each other's creations we can. I turned bad mobs off and set to peaceful, no fear of structural damage. I created it to play survival and all my stuff wound up looking like military compounds, and I was so busy just surviving that I never made it past the first 1000 blocks, so it's wide open beyond that and totally unexplored. For now I'm just leaving all the original stuff I started at world spawn like it is and moving on. Maybe it'll eventually turn into a city. I (we) should make a welcome center or something.

I've been getting a visitor behind Bunny's back again. He's been eating her chalk and slyly taking a few older baby toys home. He looooooves anything utilitarian, and my house is pretty awesome for snooping out useful gadgets. I hear he has his own little vacuum cleaner that really works...

Batman has a broom thing, too. He does all kinds of big work at his house. Imagine the two of them together, my house would be spotless in no time.

I'm this close to doubling up my zyrtec again. This close.

Let's see, what else. Seems like there's so much going on. My mouse button is sticky. I nearly lost all my work multiple times all week long because somebody played with it with watermelon hands. I need to run a tighter office, I really let my people get away with far too much.

I should let this go and get busy on something. Everyone I know in the U.S. traveling for the weekend- be safe. And don't do stupid stuff with fireworks. You need both your eyes and the full use of your hands and stuff.

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