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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

points of view

One thing I struggle with as a writer is conveying my point of view to people who've not seen things the way I've seen them. People interact all the time, objective and subjective get mashed around all the time, feelings go up and down all the time.

I've talked about my difficulty with the way humans can "anthropomorphize, ascribe, and project their own feelings and points of view on others around them." Things that happen between people might be seen one way by one person and another way by another person, and what one person thinks about what another person does or goes through is usually entirely subjective to how that one person sees things in the first place.

Sometimes I run into misunderstandings where I can see the heart of the problem is a lack of knowledge about another person's point of view. While I might see an entire scenario one way, another person sees it another way, and without a great big truckload of awkward attempts at explanatory words and some very hurt feelings that must be overcome on both ends, that gap will never be filled in or bridged over. It remains a chasm of sorts that must be ignored to go on.

Aspienado is a fixated problem solver and has a really hard time letting go of something left unsolved. Pinky is a diplomat trying to drag Aspienado away from the chasm. The chasm isn't important, Pinky says. Ah, but it's everything, Aspienado says. That's where it all started, remember? And Pinky very quietly says Yes, but maybe trying to solve that problem will start it all over again, and the sadness would engulf us this time. And then Aspienado starts remembering all the engulfedness and Pinky tells Aspienado to shut up.

I see something someone else doesn't. Even attempting to describe what I see could turn into the most poetically tragic emotional suicide. I've already seen the cost of misunderstandings. How dare I even think to go there again.

And yet... it's a writing challenge. *plunging into the abyss*

This playlist is "part of #aspienado's journey through relationships.. I intro'd this playlist on a Pinky post called "~metaphorically~". The playlist first went public on Oct 30, 2015 and has over 400 views. I know that's not phenomenal, but in a world utterly saturated with Sherlock playlists, it's not bad, either.

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