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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day Fifteen- last of 2016 30 day challenge


First of all, I get 2 more 'days off', which is technically today and Monday. Can I just get a big ol' thumbs up on that, thanx.

Second, Bunny's surgery was, indeed, rescheduled to after Christmas, which means the recovery time we previously set aside at my house will be freed up, and even though @bonenado will be on xmas vaca by then, my house won't be getting pulled apart before Christmas, which leaves that time free to finish getting some other things done. Pinky needs a cheering section.

My doctor wants to pull me from physical therapy and fast track me back to my neurologist, so that's how this month is going for me. PT usually helps really well, but I guess I've  hit another limit and it's irritating more than helping at the moment. I'll spend the next two sessions in a more 'defining a rest plan' (activities? work outs?) and some kind of next step thoughts for if/when I go back in a couple of months, and then assess out for the winter. I was intending to touch base with neurologist after assessing out anyway, but doctor today said noooo, *now*. Seems I'm having some interesting nerve flares in new places and that's not cool. My blood work came back great (humongous relief, no sign of auto-flare) except my chloride is a tad low. That's never happened before and also jaunts us off into new directions of keeping eyes on other things. Nothing immediately serious, but might asplain a few things.

At the moment, I can feel my entire spine (*it hurts*) and a few outlying serfdoms are complaining about their houses not being overlorded well, and I'm threatening to go all Ramsay Bolton on an arm and leg if they don't shut up.

Apologies. I usually don't discuss delicate matters while entertaining in my castle. Let's get back to cheering something. This is a real thing.

Apparently their website is being hit so hard it keeps crashing, but you can like them on Facebook and shop from there.

I cannot believe I actually never thought of this before. In all the years I've been on the webs, I have always used a legit registered business or pen name and not my birth name (my real name really is Jan) because there are a million jillion of me and it just doesn't stand out. It occurred to me this morning that if I want to go anonymous, all I have to do is use my real name and quietly disappear into a whole cloud of me. I've never done that before. I've never even really looked up my own name before because 1- it galls me, and 2- it's so factory redundant that I take no delight in seeing who else has it. But I did today. And I could see how easily y'all could never find me again if I did that. Holding that thought in case I manage to actually sell something and wanna lurk a little without being jumped on.

So, Today. I've gained a day back, I am so gonna get all over stuff. Dishes and laundry are behind, menu planning needs to happen, wanna finish an excavation project- kinda redoing my kitchen in slo-mo. That big area rug isn't down yet. It could be before Christmas. Also, I've got graph paper out. I'm doing cool fun stuff on Kai's realm and I'll be taping together 6 pages of graph paper to help me create a framed sculpt. When I get it done I'll post pix on my minecraft blog. I've got several updates for that blog I could be working on, too.