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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Day 30- last of 2016 30 day challenge

Srsly, that's the last of using the same title every single day all month. What a drag. I'll never do that again. So glad I made it 30 instead of 31.

Ok, this week's suckage in a quick power point.
  • Tonsil day. The worst part was surgery being moved twice out of the blue around holidays. Bunny's mama had it so perfectly set up on the 15th and everyone in place for backup help, that got moved last minute to the 28th, so everything was rearranged and tightly squeezed into place, and then 2 days before surgery they called back and it had been moved to 6 hours later, so all new plans had to be put into place for keeping a hyper 3 year old from going into super cranky calorie deficit through the day, which involved parents losing lots of sleep keeping her up, and this on top of one having developed a severe sinus infection over holidays and another an abscessed tooth and not being able to get off work, and you know what kind of fun it is getting appointments into anything around holidays. Four adults, one child, a tonsillectomy that went super fantastic, and we all feel like we've run a marathon.
  • Sleep study. While I'm thrilled that the follow up got bumped up to a great weather week instead of being at the end of January with possible driving in very inclement weather in the dark, it came hot on the heels out of the blue right after Bunny's tonsillectomy. Right. After. That very night. Extra trips into town blahblahblah. I can't begin to describe the headache I've walked around with all day. But hey, I slept great.
IF the world will stop moving abruptly out from under my feet, I'm hoping to get something special DONE by the time the ball drops.

Tomorrow we are driving halfway across the state for an epic meetup and I'm very excited. That is all you get. Because of that, I'm posting this a few hours early, like handing in my homework ahead of time. I'll be too excited to focus, and I'll need to get ready and then be on the road for awhile.

Unrelated end of year stat report- Pinky blog averages 8 page loads per visitor session. I very sincerely say THANK YOU.