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Saturday, December 10, 2016

last of 2016 30 day challenge- Day Ten

Power point bcuz tired.
  • My car is feexed, yay!

That's it. Still tired. So many little errands, right? New phone charger cord, mailed stuff off at UPS, got a chainsaw running, replaced my oldest stack of plates (Rubbermaid) that I got one year while my kids were still in middle and grade school (and they look like it) with 4 new stoneware plates (Fiesta) on super sale at Macy's (living the dream) (hey, got a bundle of boys' Star Wars sox on sale for $1.60, beat that), prescription refilled, hopefully the last Christmas cards (winging it this year, no list), went through and fixed a bunch of widget code (will FB *ever* stop delineating...) (I can't believe how many of my friends actually follow 'zuck').

Yes, real chainsaw. I could say massacre coming up, but really it's just a little wood cutting. Or a lot, I dunno, I'm not out there.

Back on Kai's realm last couple of days.