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Sunday, December 11, 2016

last of 2016 30 day challenge- Day Eleven

4 days till Bunny's tonsillectomy. 13 days till Christmas Eve. We're already so bushwhacked.


From a twitter convo yesterday, my Lexx collection.

This is a real thing. I ordered one for my dad for Christmas. He'll probably at least sample it, and then it can be a conversation piece for other family when they come over. Click it to order one yourself.

Seeing past Decembers rolling through timehop on FB and feeling so thankful we haven't had any snow and ice yet. I'm in mild nerve system flare, very reminiscent of the initial big crash in 2004, and I'm already on top of logical steps through caretaker team starting surveillance. Getting ready to hang on, crossing digits my years of focus on getting healthier gets me through easier this time if that's where I'm going.

In my head, I keep moving.