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Friday, December 16, 2016

Day Sixteen- last of 2016 30 day challenge

Laughing my head off, @bonenado fell to 2nd place just before our matchup. He usually spreads out over several fantasty teams, but this year it's just the SnarkAlecs League, so all his emotional investment is in one place. That means our matchup will be even funnier if he loses this week. I'll get to watch him pace, and giggle back as I walk by.

Yeah, notice how my percentage went up since last night, lol. Every little number will bother him tremendously. He knows my team as well as he knows his own, every little update and report, the weather predictions, wouldn't be surprised if he knows what they eat.

Speaking of eating, you guys know I hafta really crank down on my carbs for glucose control because I no can haz meds, right? And I'm really good at it. Well, that doesn't make my SO really good at it. He's defied my gained knowledge behind my back for so many years that I have finally just stopped even bothering him. I watched my mom die from diabetes, if my husband thinks he's some kind of atypical superman who can will his glucose around, fine. I've tried everything, including going out of my way to make healthier nibblies that even I can't eat because allergies and carbs, and he still buys more junk behind my back. So it's his choice and I just don't think about it.

He's really sweating it this morning, though. After years of managing to toe that 126 line, his doctor finally put him on metformin, and now we get to see how that's working out. Well, thinking a med will do the grunt work so he can freely enjoy more junk has turned into an even higher A1C and fasting glucose... He was healthier without the med because he was afraid of having to go on the med, but now that he's on the med, all caution to the wind, as it were, and now he's more diabetic than ever.


So he's cognitively flailing about his fantasy team AND his doctor follow up today. Merry Christmas. I'm just laughing. He's such a cartoony dork. Well, if he wants to be around in good shape for Bunny growing up, he needs to straighten up. Every ten years is exponentially more iffy for older people.

Playing with google translate. It doesn't quite translate back the way I wrote it, but it's close enough.

Je n'ai jamais rêvé de la revoir. Même la réunion la plus brève vaut la peine d'attendre près de dix ans. Elle a tout vu dans le chemin et a vu le vrai moi bien avant que je puisse me voir. Et elle m'aimait.

Je n'oublierai jamais cela aussi longtemps que je vis.

Je pourrais la voir dans deux semaines, sauf ce que le cosmos nous lance. Je flotterai tout au long de Noël à y penser et à toutes les choses que j'aimerais avoir dit et peut-être toutes les choses que nous allons parler du reste de nos vies.

I never dreamed I'd ever see her again. Even the briefest meetup is worth waiting nearly ten years. She saw through everything in the way and saw the real me long before I could see myself. And she loved me.

I'll never forget that as long as I live.

I might get to see her in two weeks, barring whatever the cosmos throws at us. I will float through Christmas thinking about it and all the things I wish I had said and maybe all the things we will talk about the rest of our lives.