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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day Fourteen- last of 2016 30 day challenge

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Ah, a funny new condundrum. Blogger shortens titles automatically, and the last several titles have been nearly identical except for the ending word, which got auto-lopped off of the title URL yesterday for some reason.


And this caused a problem for me yesterday, the link wasn't loading at all until I edited the title, which didn't change the link but the update gave blogger something to hang onto again for that link. Or something. I dunno.

So I'm switching it up a little, stick the number in the front kind of thing now. Surely that'll keep it from glitching again.

Pinky Press Review is now gone. My account is still there in case I want to use it again in future.

So if someone on twitter who has your passed away mom's name suddenly out of the blue likes and retweets a couple of things relating to your childhood, is that a sign? And then I go to the blog link in their bio, and the last thing they wrote was something borrowed from someone else (my mom used to do that, too, instead of writing her own words) from a year and a half ago that ended with this-

"Why do I continue to blog? Because I’ve made real and lasting connections with people thanks to blogging. I’ve met so many people in the blogosphere. I wouldn’t trade these friendships for the world.

That’s why I blog. Not for book sales or stats. Not for Twitter followers.

I’m not a brand. I’m a person. I don’t follow brands. I follow people. Real life human beings with thoughts and opinions and stories to tell. If I stop writing books tomorrow, I won’t stop blogging. Blogging is more than a means to an end. Blogging is about learning and connecting and discovering new ideas. It’s about people."

And what's even weirder was dreaming about my twitter friends being part of irl, corporeal to my senses (except Steffan was named Bob for some reason), before I woke up and ran into that first thing this morning.

Yes, you were in my dream, and you, and you...

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Had a hive yesterday just below my clavicle. I'm going to stop using Johnson's baby lotion for a week and then do it again and see if I get another hive there. That is my last lotion. If I ever break out from lanolin, I will have no more emollients for physical therapy. Yes, cranked up the benadryl again.

Follow up with main doctor today. I'm going to ask for a full blood work up and then some, make sure I'm not in autoimmune flare, make sure everything else is healthy. I ran into this article yesterday about autie kids misinterpreting pain signals via endorphin buildup, and I think that has a lot to do with how I survived such difficult pain challenges for so many years. However, gabapentin is a game changer, and although I like it busting through the worst of the nerve shocks, it seems to be my kryptonite for handling all the rest. I'm no longer superhuman handling pain, and it's starting to show. Nothing like a big holiday to really spotlight all the little flaws I can usually tuck in between other stuff and never have to deal with people noticing. Well, it's time to notice.

Anything else? Oh, yeah, Bunny has turned the whole tonsillectomy thing (scheduled for tomorrow) into a Schrodinger's cat exercise with a preemptive 103 fever. She's done that before, fever at night, morning she's fine and goes to daycare without a problem, so crossing my fingers we can get this done while it's all set up. I'll find out later today.

Me and @bonenado when #allthethings blow up and we're juggling eggs and chainsaws. Praying this month doesn't get any crazier.